Open Thread: What is the Best Cocktail in Brooklyn Heights?

There are many places to get your drink on in Brooklyn Heights. We haven’t’ done a free-for-all open thread in a while so why not start again with a discussion on where to get the best cocktail in our neighborhood. Stay within the boundaries of Brooklyn Heights and comment away!

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  • K58

    I can’t believe no one has called out Heights Wine Bar yet — all excellent — or Bevacco. Particularly (at Bevacco) the Bees’ Knees and the Smile (with jalapeño tequila, if memory serves) are excellent.

  • Lady in the Heights

    I have to say I am shocked Heights Wine Bar is still in business. I have had bad cocktails there and the food is gross. I haven’t been back to Bevacco in a long time. I would love for it to be good. Will have to check the bar out htere.

  • CoffeeDrinker

    My wife likes the Jolie at Chez Moi and I enjoy their Old Fashioned. Props for cocktails at Henry Public though it’s a few steps into Cobble Hill.