St. Ann’s and Grace Churches to Bless Animals Sunday

This Sunday, October 5 is St. Francis Day, honoring the saint who showed special compassion to animals. Accordingly, both St. Ann & the Holy Trinity and Grace churches will hold ceremonies at which pets of all kinds may be blessed. The service at St. Ann’s, located at Clinton and Montague streets, will be held in the North Garden, facing Clinton (or indoors in the Sanctuary in case of rain), starting at 1:30 p.m. Stuffed animals are welcome as well as live ones, and there may be a cat adoption opportunity as well. There’s more information here.

Grace’s blessing of the animals will take place during its regular 5:00 p.m. service in the Sanctuary. The Grace ceremony has had its surprises in the past, including a hen laying an egg and, according to the Rector, The Rev. Stephen Muncie, “an escaped tarantula.”

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  • AEB

    Animals are blessed by dint of their being. The purpose of blessing them must therefore be about the good feelings those who bring them to be blessed receive by the act.

  • Andrew Porter

    Rats infesting 30 Columbia Place are unlikely to be included in this event…

  • AEB

    …unless personally escorted to it.