Spielberg’s Brooklyn Heights Movie Shoot’s Attempt to “Make it Rain” with BHA Feels More Like a Light Drizzle

Yesterday, a BHB commmenter mentioned that the St. James Place production had donated money to the Brooklyn Heights Association. This is sometimes done with large shoots in an attempt to salve the inconveniences they cause. In 2007, the Coen Brothers production of Burn After Reading reportedly donated $10,000 to the BHA.


Sources tell BHB that’s not the case this time around. A member of the production crew reportedly offered the BHA a $1000 donation. The source adds that Community Board 2 may have received an offer of an undisclosed amount as well. A request for comment from BHB to CB2 has not been answered at this time.

Members of the community have voiced their concern here over the production’s virtual takeover of the North Heights including an all night shoot and the commandeering of a large quantity of parking spaces.

Photo by Evan Bindelglass

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  • Teresa

    In related news, both sides of Clark between Henry & Cadman & both sides of Cadman will be off-limits again on Friday for a different production.

  • MonroeOrange

    during Yom Kippur no less! So a night of reflection for many, will be interupted with generator noise and cranes. Unacceptable to do this on such a holy holiday.

  • Linda

    I awoke at 2 am this morning to a fully illuminated bedroom, due to a large spotlight that was faced directly at my building. All night long equipment was being moved back and forth on Monroe Place. While we appreciate that the Heights provides a scenic backdrop for the entertainment industry, there seems to be a total lack of respect for the residents of this community.

  • petercow

    Holy Benghazi in a bike lane, batman!

  • marshasrimler

    I agree

  • marshasrimler

    so what is the BHA going to do about this

  • Klezmer O’Brien

    Blame the city, not the production company.