Elected Officials Say SUNY Actions on LICH “Disgraceful”; “Disgusting”

Speaking at a rally and press conference early this afternoon outside Long Island College Hospital called by the New York State Nurses Association, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer (photo, with Democratic State Assembly Candidate Jo Anne Simon) characterized SUNY’s actions with regard to LICH as “nothing sort of disgraaceful.” He said there is a need to look carefully at healthcare needs throughout the city, and that there must be much greater transparency about heath care finances. This inspired those attending to chant, “Open the books!” Mr. Stringer joined the chorus.

City Council Member Steve Levin also used a “D” word, saying the handling of LICH was “disgusting.” He praised those present, and the affected communities at large, for not giving up the fight to keep needed services open at LICH.

Another Council Member, Carlos Menchaca, whose district includes Red Hook, noted that his district includes the largest public housing complex in Brooklyn, and said one death, of a resident of that housing, could be attributed to the lack of ambulance service at LICH.

Brooklyn Heights resident Trudy Wassner spoke on behalf of Patients for LICH. She said she had been hospitalized there and, while recovering, looked out her hospital room window at the Statue of Liberty and thought, “What a good way to get well.” Shortly after she was discharged, she read that LICH was being closed. “It hit me then,” she said, “that the reason it was being closed is that view I had of the Statue of Liberty.”

Others who spoke included Ms. Simon and a representative of Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, both of whom support the community’s efforts.

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  • Doug Biviano

    Doug Biviano spoke too, presenting 750 petition signatures collected this summer DEMANDING A FULL SERVICE HOSPITAL AT LICH for there to be a REAL ER.

    I explained how thousands of voters expressed this to me this summer and dozens shared stories how LICH saved a family member’s life.

    I called out the politics of this mess — two elected officials did this to us and other elected officials let them whereas Interfaith’s elected officials went straight to Cuomo and saved the hospital. I called out the timing of the deal crumbling — after the primary elections (i.e. de Blasio had many horses in the race as was Cuomo himself). I called out the press — why isn’t every press outlet in NYS reporting this because when they come for your hospital you’ll understand.

    Finally, I explained how you do it. Elected officials need to approach Cuomo and de Blasio and ask about LICH every chance they get — citing Teachout approaching Cuomo and de Blasio at the Labor Day parade while they ridiculously ignored her. It was unbelievably embarrassing for these near shameless men, imagine if other elected did the same but uttered “LICH?”

  • marshasrimler

    Dpug does have a point. One must admit he is not afraid of power and speaks truth to it

  • Jake Evans

    Taxpayers are loosing over 100 Million dollars on this Fortis deal steal. The value is over 100 Million more then twenty something Joel Kestenbaum is paying the state for LICH. Its a Scandal, this is bribery of the highest order , the DA should get involved and investigate all the officials and people who are involved in this giveaway of public real estate value scandal.

  • K Bates

    Daniel Squadron is very quiet on this whole LICH scandal. Is Squadron also on the TAKE ? Can someone please check how much funds the Kestenbaums provided for the Squadron campaigns ?