Letters to BHB

Noisy Henry Hardhat

Hi Homer,

I love your blog and read it every day.  I have a question probably not worth posting but here goes:

I've been working from home the last few weeks and I live across the street from the construction site at 75 Henry St.  There is a construction worker who yells and sings and shouts for what seems like no reason all day long.  It's almost like he has tourett's unless he just loves being loud and extremely annoying.  I now work at the back of my house and all of the windows are closed and I can still hear the jerk loud and clear.  Is anyone else extremely annoyed by this, ie. he people living at 75 Henry Street?  What can I do besides wait it out? I plan on working from home for another few weeks. 

Do I:  Scream out the window for him the shut the %$#* up, call 311, or simply ask him to please refrain, or do nothing?  It seriously is aggravating and really I consider it to be noise pollution.  He sings in opera fashion about spark plugs, and screams, "I goooooooot it!" all freaking day long.  I'm sure I'll just have to deal with it but just venting and seeing if anyone else on Henry has noticed.

– Name withheld

BHB replies: While any normal person would suggest calling 311, we'll do you one better and take suggestions from the folks in the BHB community.  There's no doubt something brilliant will come of it.

The Brothers Goggles

I just discovered your blog, and have spent the last hour or so perusing previous posts, which have helped explain some local mysteries.  However, one mystery remains unsolved – who are those two guys (usually spotted on Remsen) who wear goggles at ALL times?  They appear to be twins, somewhere in their 50s, and are often spotted standing outside of the NYSC on the corner of Remsen and Court.

Any ideas?  I'm not looking for names, just a simple explanation of why they wear goggles.  Is it work related?  Religious?  Just eccentric?

– "Steven"

BHB replies: Either you're making this up or we've been invaded by a pair of 50something Kareem Abdul-Jabbar fanatics. Or we could be wrong. Anyone have a clue?

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  • Here_too_long

    I’ve often wondered about the weird goggle brothers…. anyone have info on those guys?

  • yo

    Those goggle guys used to freak me out!!!! When you walk by them, they are always muttering under their breath to each other. weird…..i was going to go as one of those guys for halloween one year but decided no one would no what i was…

  • mcleaniac

    The first time I saw the goggle brothers was a particularly cold day crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. I thought the goggles were some sort of heat-saving measure. Since then, I have seen them as far away as Leonard Street in TriBeCa, and as close as the Henry St. CVS. It never occurred to me to ask them what’s up with the goggles. If no one knows, I think I’ll do so (nicely) next time I see them.

  • natalie

    I’ve seen the goggle brothers. I remember thinking they were both the same person until I saw them both out at the same time! I nearly peed my pants. They’re always rooting through garbage cans when I see them. Weeeird.

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Qfwfq

    What kind of goggles are we talking about here? swimmer’s goggles? Biplane-era flying goggles?

  • Spectator

    Oh yeah, the goggle guys! They are clear goggles and bubble-like.
    Look more like they were originally intended for scientific rather than ski or sky hook (i.e. Kareem) purposes, but a search on google images didn’t come up with anything similar. I’ve wanted to ask them as well but haven’t had the courage. I look forward to a follow-up report from some brave soul!

  • wayne

    I think they look like parachutists’ goggles. Not sure if they’re twins, but they look alike.
    Not necessarily freaked out by them, seem harmless…maybe a little quirky, but who isn’t.

  • C

    Oh my God, the goggle brothers. I see them constantly walking down Clinton Street. They carry bags and go through all the trash cans. Wear white t-shirts I think.

  • brooklynmize

    I moved from BH to Seattle a year ago and read this site regularly out of nostalgia, to keep up on news from my fave place, etc. I thought I remembered all my favorite BH characters. The GOGGLE BROTHERS. totally forgot about these dudes. they’d walk by my apt on Remsen always mumbling a bit conspiratorily. My wife and I were fascinated and obsessed with them for a while. As weird as the goggles were the parkas in the middle of August……lovers? brothers? roommates? psych ward buddies? the possibilities are endless!

  • Brynn

    I have to say I’m thrilled to hear that both of them are still around. They are indeed indetical twins and we had only been seeing one of them lately and was worried the other had passed on.

  • cobblestoner

    I’ve seen them frequently in front of NYSC on Remsen recently. They’re there just about every weeknight around 7:00 or so if you’re looking to spot them. They look like construction workers (I think they have some funky hats too) but the goggles are definitely hard to miss. Mumbling is usually constant too.

  • M. Hermann

    The Goggle Brothers have been a neighborhood institution for decades…and they haven’t changed a bit. One day, they must have had a falling out, as they were seen walking down opposite sides of the street! The mumbling, from my observations, wasn’t English, or so I thought…

    My favorite Goggle Brother encounter was a few years ago on a Brooklyn-bound 2 train. A magician made his way through the car, silently performing acts of prestidigitation. As he was about to go on to the next car, a solo Goggle Brother stopped him and said “you’re a great magician…but you can’t beat….HOUDINI! Houdini’s the greatest!!”

  • http://anonymous CS

    The Goggle Brothers have been around for the last 20 years. I used to see coming/going near Joralemon and Willow Place I have actually seen them do their laundry together on Columbia Place. They are a lot older than 50!!!!