Open Thread Wednesday 8/6/14

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  • johnny cakes

    Brooklyn has gone to the birds. Poop everywhere.

  • Remsen Street Dweller
  • miriamcb

    There was a giant blow-up rat on Montague yesterday afternoon around 3:30 next to the R stop (and construction stuff). When we came out of the florist, it was gone. Anyone know anything about it?!

  • GHB

    Any ideas how we can get back some garbage cans in the North Heights? We’ve never had enough, but since July 4th, there have been even fewer. I’ve tried calling 311, but they’ve been little help. If I wanted to get jerked around on the phone endlessly, I’d call Verizon.

  • DIBS

    Someone using non union labor, no doubt. good for them.

  • johnny cakes

    The same stuff is happening upstate. NY State is denying it’s residents health care. Not sure if it is a real estate scam.

  • Allie

    Two questions for advice from my helpful, friendly Brooklyn Heights neighbors. One, I am moving to another apartment right here in Brooklyn Heights and would like to know of local moving companies that you would recommend for all the right reasons. (Maybe who to stay away from!). Also, where should I go to get knives/scissors sharpened? Many, many thanks.

  • Alec

    I can help with the first one:

    I loved these guys for my move- you fill out their online estimate form, they give you a fair price, they show up on time, wrap valuables, and generally do a fantastic job:

  • miriamcb

    You might try the cook’s companion on Atlantic for knife sharpening.

    We used Moishes to move – they did a great job.

  • Abbeykira

    Can anyone recommend someone for small scale but professional sewing projects?

    (pillows etc)

  • TMS

    I agree! I am constantly dodging dog poop. It should be mandatory for dogs to wear diapers. Nothing is grosser than a steamy puddle of bubbling dog pee running down the sidewalk. Actually, dog poop is gross too. If dogs can do it, people should be allowed to pee and poo in the street too as long as we pick up the poo. Really..what’s the difference?

  • MonroeOrange

    ‘Steamy puddle of bubbling dog pee’…..someone needs a hobby, you have way too much time on your hand to analyze dog pee so descriptively. Also, the original comment was about bird poop.

    Furthermore..we have covered this topic ad nasueam on this site before…most dog owners clean up after their dogs…there isn’t much we can do to clean pee or control where our dogs pee, as they are peeing as a way of communication.

    And if you want to poo on the street and clean up after have my permission!

  • marshasrimler

    cooks companion for knife sharpening only.. really poor on returns

  • Ann B Chapin

    The details of this story opened my eyes even more! As I read, it is shocking that Othmer money, to the tune of 15M, was used?

  • Ann B Chapin

    There are little trucks that travel the Heights from time to time. They provide sharpening services. Listen for a “clanging” bell! :-)

  • TMS

    We can control where our dogs pee if they wear diapers.Then they won’t pee anywhere. ‘m curious, how is dog’s pee a way of communicating? And…Glad you enjoyed my description! Hope to meet you soon…I’ll be the one poopin along the streets. I’ll say MonroeOrange gave me permission. ;)

  • BGinBHsince1982

    To those who have been plastering the neighborhood with signs for the last few weeks…you’ve been a real nuisance.

    The Department of Sanitation also enforces the rules against posting of illegal signs on public property:

    It is illegal for any person to paste, post, paint, print, nail or attach or affix by any means whatsoever any handbill, poster, notice sign, advertisement, sticker or other printed material upon any curb, gutter flagstone, tree, lamppost, awning post, telegraph pole, telephone pole, public utility pole, public garbage bin, bus shelter, bridge, elevated train structure, highway fence, barrel, box, parking meter, mailbox, traffic control device, traffic stanchion, traffic sign (including pole), tree box, tree pit protection device, bench, traffic barrier or hydrant or other similar public item on any street… Every handbill, poster, notice, sign, advertisement, sticker or other printed material shall be deemed a separate violation. Anyone found to have violated this provision, in addition to any penalty imposed, shall also be responsible for the cost of removal of the unauthorized postings.

  • J. Stroh

    We’ve used Mohammed and his team for two moves within the Heights and about to use him again for a move to Downtown Brooklyn. Love him! 917-721-9337. -J. and T. Stroh

  • DIBS

    TMS probably some old curmudgeon wearing depends

  • DIBS

    find a hobby

  • GHB

    I believe that that IS a hobby!

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    I love my neighborhood, and I dig the blog but WOW it seems the national pastime here is to complain. About everything. We’re lucky to live in a fantastic neighborhood that had huge issues in the late 80’s and 90’s, a stones throw from one of the most revered cities on the planet. Our area is being beautified daily…Be happy.

  • Eddyde

    Said like someone who wasn’t here in the “late 80’s and 90’s” and also doesn’t realize we are part of “one of the most revered cities on the planet” not “a stones throw from” it.

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    You assume to know me? Brooklyn is fine but will never be Manhattan. Nice trolling skills.

  • AEB

    Unfortunately, Manhattan isn’t Manhattan anymore. But I take your point.

  • johnny cakes

    Brooklyn isn’t Brooklyn anymore, either. The 1%ers are choking it to death.

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    Sadly I agree with both of you, I’m just glad to live here, on poplar and hicks. Usually quiet, save for local construction and the bar, at least there’s no hipsters.

  • Banet

    Call the BHA. They’re really good at that kind of thing.

  • DIBS

    I guess you have never walked by Siggy’s

  • miriamcb

    Yes – there are actually and they’re great. He goes all over Brooklyn!