Open Thread Wednesday 7/30/14

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

Photo: Beth Eisgrau-Heller

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  • mac

    The DJ at the roller rink really had the music blasting last night, much louder than previous nights. Annoying as had to close my windows on one of the nicest nights of the summer…hopefully they’ll be a little more considerate of the neighbors in the future.

  • GHB

    What about that horn player on the Promenade? Nothing like a good dirge!

  • ltap917

    Isn’t there a time limit on blasting the music?

  • Fritz

    Where are all the complaints about the Boardwalk Empire shoot? I’d like to see more filming on the Heights. The cars were outstanding and we actually could see some of the talent in the open.

  • mac

    if there isn’t , there certainly should be. They did not shut down until 11pm…

  • Chubby Burkhardt

    You should literally go over there and unplug the DJ. That’s what I did at an event this past winter in the Packer School gym that was playing music very loud and past 11pm. It certainly got their attention.

  • DIBS

    Just FYI…That photo is a 1930 or 31 Model A Ford with the Flying Quail radiator cap.

  • Eddyde

    That’s because the time limit is 11 pm

  • Eddyde

    The disruption was overshadowed by the street milling.
    As far as filming, people shouldn’t have their lives disrupted for the financial enrichment of a production company.

  • mac

    have no issue with the time, it’s the volume that was off the charts…several people apparently called in noise complaints last night…

  • kim grobengieser

    Yesterday I lost a gold necklace with a black heart charm. I think I lost it somewhere in Brooklyn Bridge Park or on Joralemon Street.
    If you’ve found it, I would be so grateful to have it back.
    Thanks very much!

  • Eddyde

    That’s the point, until 11pm they can make as much noise as the want.

  • mac

    not to get in a back n fourth, but technically there is a limit (both volume and time of day) that excessive noise is even considered ok…there’s a city code . Anyway, was just a passing comment and hope the park/ DJ choose to be better neighbors in the future

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    But that requires so much more work than complaining on a small time blog.

  • Kathy

    I e mailed a complaint and got this response.
    Thanks for your email. Our rink is run by a private concessionaire. They are newly opened, and we are still working out operational kinks. We will address this concern with them right away.

    Please continue to email us if noise is a problem. We have alerted staff in the field to pay particularly close attention to noise levels from the rink, but it always helps to hear from the community if we are causing a disturbance.

    Thanks again,

    His e mail address is

    I suggest people who are unhappy with the volume e mail him. I live on CH and even with windows closed can still hear the music until 11 pm. I don’t have kids but can imagine this maybe a problem for parents! I never hear the concerts etc on pier 1 and that’s live music!

  • ldny

    Does anyone recognize this car? [PICTURES BELOW] It’s a dark green Mini Cooper with white stripes on the top and hood. NYS Plates: FLD-1998. It was apparently towed last Friday due to the street milling, but I don’t know what street it was towed from. I only know it was towed to a metered spot in front of 124 Atlantic Ave (between Clinton & Henry), where it’s been sitting for 5 days now, a good 2 feet from the curb edge, accumulating tickets and getting its license plate knocked off (plates are now sitting against the windshield). Someone is probably looking for this car and the city is probably of no help. I filed a 311 “abandoned vehicle with plates” complaint yesterday, with the hopes that it would spur someone to track down the owner, but an hour later the complaint was closed with “The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time. UNFOUNDED BY PO SHEPPARD AND MOBLEY.” — How is it unfounded? The car has been there for 5 days and is covered with tickets as well as the slip from when it was towed (which ironically says “do not summons”). If you know the owner of this car, please tell them where it is!

  • Jorale-man

    Speaking of the milling…does anyone know when the paving begins? The neighborhood streets are pretty treacherous in this current, semi-paved state.

  • David on Middagh

    Shhh! This is the traffic calming we’ve been looking for!

  • ldny

    The car is gone this morning. Coincidence? Hopefully the rightful owner drove it away before the city towed it again.

  • MonroeOrange

    Here is a complaint. My car was towed for this shoot on cadman plaza, even though i was legally parked for the week and the signs went up 24 hours before i was towed, in what was a legal spot for the week. Its one thing to have to deal with constant movie shoots, which i do, and normally don’t complain…its another thing when they don’t put the signs up in a timely manner and then tow the car, in which they could easily be damaging it.

    But as long as the city gets their money and you got to see ‘talent’, then i guess that makes it all ok.

  • Pineappler

    My car was towed from Pacific St for street paving yesterday. If the Mini’s owner dealt with the same people I dealt with, I get why he couldn’t find his car. 311 and the 76th Pct were completely useless, both saying to call the other. DOT apparently didn’t give them a list of the moved cars, and according to the PO at the 76th, rarely does. According to my running app, I covered 3 miles running in circles around Cobble Hill before I found my car.

  • BrooklynBugle
  • David on Middagh

    Commander Koenig?
    Is that you?

  • digby22

    Dear Brooklyn Heights Blog,
    Can anyone tell me how to go about requesting a larger trash bin for each of the corners of Joralemon and Clinton? With the new 24 hour Rite Aid and all of the increased traffic to the park, the trash bins are crazy overflowing. I live above the Rite Aid and this morning two things happened that caused me to want to take action: at 2 AM the “mettlers” started rummaged through the bins for bottles and cans (they were on overdrive), and at 8 pm the Rite Aid truck driver threw his Arizona Green Tea can into a ridiculously overflowing trash bin and let it roll off onto the sidewalk with nary a glance. (I admit, we’ve all probably done this but a larger bin would certainly help matters). Any ideas for who I can contact?

  • miriamcb

    I don’t know – but I just got back into town and it sounds like RiteAid is off to a great start as our new neighbors.

    Maybe Streets/Sans has an idea on the bigger or more pails?

  • digby22

    Great, thanks. I was able to send an electronic Service Request through the NY Dept of Sanitation. You should do it too. The more requests, the better our chances of tidy street corners. Regards!

  • Dave

    Dear Brooklyn Heights Blog, I’m moving to the area from Sydney, Australia so I’m still getting to know it. Where can I find a guide showing all the local restaurants on a map? Thanks, Dave

  • Andrew Porter

    Isn’t the Promenade a “Quiet Zone”?

  • Andrew Porter

    Clinton Street had been resurfaced as of Friday afternoon.