Brooklyn Heights Connection to Twin Peaks Revealed in New Oral History

The new book Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks includes memories from creator David Lynch as well as many cast members from the ground breaking 90’s drama. Warren Frost, who played Dr. Will Hayward on the show, once lived in Brooklyn Heights. Seinfeld fans will also remember him as Mr. Ross, the father of George’s fiancée Susan.

USA Today: I was living in Brooklyn Heights (New York) at the time and I was working on a soap opera. My wife was teaching at a school and we’d only been there for a year and we were going to go down to Florida where we had a house and retire. Mark called one day and said he had this part. I always kidded David and Mark by saying I’m the only straight man in the whole damn thing! [laughs] But that’s okay.

I met David when I was in New York and he was there for some reason. I went over to a recording studio and that’s where we first met. He was supposedly looking at me to find out whether or not to accept me because he didn’t know me; I’ve mainly done stage work for most of my life. One thing led to another and they picked me up in a limo and I went to Washington where we shot the pilot.

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