Forget the Clark Street Station Elevators This Little Fella is in a Hurry

While Brooklyn Heights awaits the return of “Elevator 2″ at the Clark Street station, all creatures great and small still need to take care of business. That includes this little fella snapped recently by NYC Spotted.

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  • Jorale-man

    Joining the rat race no doubt…

  • Andrew Porter

    Whenever I’m taking the train to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, I keep well clear of the trash containers at the inland end of the platform, which I have dubbed “Rat City”.

  • stuart

    Goldman Sachs Derivatives Department, I’ve met him.

  • bongo23

    “Giant”?!! @NYCVlog must have just moved here. A mere whipper-snapper of rat is that.

  • DIBS

    So 2009. Jealous????

  • Hickey

    Elevator #3 was out this morning too. Hope it’s back up and running.

  • Mini_Cooper

    1. It’s NOT a giant rat
    2. There are rats all over the underground subway system.