Disco Food Cart on Columbia Heights

First there was the rogue hot dog vendor who decided to set up shop on Montague Terrace. Now there’s a disco food cart on Columbia Heights near Squibb Park entrance to Brooklyn Bridge Park. While we’re pretty sure this is a legal spot, BHB commenter Peter points out in another BBP related thread:

Yes, such an astounding success that during the weekends it feels like we’re living at Great Adventure. The kabob cart with the flashing neon signage on Columbia Heights completes the scene. Wonderful.

So is this a thing? Do you think that this sort of enterprise should be allowed in the area? Comment away. Oh and we’ve created a GIF so you crazy kids could use it on your Tumblrs and whatnot.

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  • marshasrimler

    i think it should be right in front of the houses of the elites on columbia heights that are on the Board of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corp.. they borough us great adventure .. we wanted a park..they know who they are

  • Mary

    Good idea. Also send BBP directors: sections of the vandalized Fulton Ferry landing fence; a piece of the tacky direction signs off Fulton; a big, noisy ferry spewing fuel emissions.

    On a different note – if it was a NYC Park, a Parks Department approved cart would be on Columbia, instead of Mr. Disco. Where’s the oversight?

  • Brixtony

    I have absolutely no problem with this cart, It’s not near any residences and provides a service for visitors and residents. This is NOT a gated community.

  • Daddyo

    More carts, yummy! How about a few more condos with those carts? Can Smorgasburg set up an annex in useless Squibb Park?

  • marshasrimler

    good idea

  • marshasrimler

    this is all a result of greed and uncontrolled development

  • Andrew Porter

    Yeah, where is Club Wild Fyre to relieve our male hormones when we need it? And I remember the trail of nickels from the stolen money bag that went down Henry and onto Orange and directly into the SRO hotel there (now condos), and how the crime rate went sky-high when the homeless were housed in the St. George, and how the girl in the first floor apt in my building was raped by the guy coming in the window, and how everyone had gates on their fire escape windows, and…

    Ah, memories!

  • Andrew Porter

    You didn’t read the fine print in your lease, or condo contract…

  • Daddyo

    Yes, bring back the patrol car permanently parked on Henry & Montague St. Burger King instead of Banana Republic. A couple more bars on Montague St. SRO hotel at the St. George (plus largest fire ever in Brooklyn on Clark St. started by homeless copper-scavanger). Graffiti & muggings throughout North Heights. Gay bar instead of bagel store. You can’t have it all, whiners!!!!!

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    I know and agree. Is this seriously news worthy? It’s just a man trying to make a buck.

  • ujh

    Mary, brush up on your zoning. The Columbia Heights sidewalk is a public sidewalk, not part of the BBP. In contrast, last Saturday a young woman, a member of the Watchtower Society, had set up a rack with Society-related literature on the walkway inside Squibb Park, which is part of the BBP. Such a display, even if no sale occurs, is not permitted within the borders of the BBP.
    In addition, the BBP is part of NYC’s park system but is managed and operated by a subsidiary (Brooklyn Bridge Park) of the NYC Economic Development Corporation.
    If you were ever in BBP, you would see NYCPD (primary) and DPR PEP (secondary) patrolling the park.

  • BrooklynBugle

    News worthy? Meh. Local blog worthy? Sure.

  • Peter Brooklyn

    The cart is easy to pick on and I apologize. My point is less the cart per se than the fact that it’s one more sign that we’re steadily morphing from a neighborhood into a kind of residential tourist destination. Maybe it’s inevitable and we should just get used to it. The Dark Side; that is, relentless real estate development, is just too strong. I’m off to have a kabob!

  • Frenchbull

    the Heights is changing for sure with a “disco cart”. But where to move to? all non-sarcastic responses welcome-still think we live in a pretty great neighborhood with people who care-after 25 years can’t think of anywhere else to live, maybe I lack imagination. I try to do my bit around the neighborhood along with captain cleanup

  • David on Middagh

    I haven’t tried the food for fear of tourist pricing, but it’s nice to know that kebabs lurk just up the street.

  • Brixtony

    Last week I found an old Capulet’s matchbook hidden away. The phone # didn’t have an area code!

  • johnny cakes

    Why not let Macy’s become a condo? City Hall is run by condo clods. Who needs hospitals, schools, libraries, or anything else. We have the internet to take care of us.

  • johnny cakes

    Maybe Regina Myers (BBP) will build you another bar on Montague Street just for the locals (those who are still here).

  • marshasrimler

    i agree

  • Frenchbull

    ahh club wild fyre-such memories-open until 4am i believe
    remember the old mangled mattress lying above the marquee? the good old days

  • Mini_Cooper

    Then convince him to move the cart to your street.

  • David on Middagh

    I tried, but he prefers the company of dyspeptic graphic designers.

  • fultonferryres

    This cart was originally on the southwest corner of Old Fulton and Furman at the park entrance. After the park placed more boulders at that location (at our request), he moved across the street and set up on the sidewalk adjacent to the Urban Classic mechanic lot. Two weeks ago, the owner of the cart at the top of the hill at the Squibb Park entrance somehow lost control of it as he closed down for the night, and it careened downhill with him holding on. According to the police, he received major lacerations to his head when the cart crashed into the parked cars between Vine and Doughty Streets. Subsequently, the “disco” cart owner, having recently (finally!) received violations at Old Fulton, saw an opportunity and moved up the hill. So good luck in getting rid of him. He will pull the “veteran” excuse, even though he does not have a special veteran cart license.