Open Thread Wednesday 7/16/14

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  • heights res

    Only “tired” if not true….. we live in NYC, with vast choices of mass transit – there’s absolutely no need to use cars as though it’s a suburb

  • miriamcb

    We’re headed out of the city in a couple weeks and need to rent a car to get there. Anyone have any recommendations of where to rent a car that is close by?

  • David on Clinton

    Hertz on Atlantic Avenue

  • Eddyde

    “there’s absolutely no need to use cars as though it’s a suburb”
    What a myopic, canned point of view. You cannot possibly know everyones needs or lifestyle. About 47% of NYC households do find the need outweighs the bourdon and expense of owning a car here. Mass transit does not work in all situations.

  • Andrew Porter

    There used to be a Neighborhood Watch car that drove around BH, with Auxiliary Police in it. Don’t know what happened to it. Does the Aux. Police program still exist?

  • Andrew Porter

    That weird computer/luggage/5-gallon jugs of honey store on Atlantic, between Sahadi’s and the fruit & veg store, is gone; the place is empty. Also, the hair dresser on Clinton, next to Two for the Pot, is also vacant and for rent.

  • BC in Brooklyn

    Does anyone know why a large white flag is flying on the top of the Brooklyn Bridge today?

  • David on Middagh

    Officials don’t know yet. Prank? Feat of daring? Lost a bet to the Manhattan Bridge?

  • Ann B Chapin

    I was part of that volunteer program years ago that I believe was connected to the BHA. We were not policemen, but had a “walkie-talkie” type thing so that we could contact the police in case of an emergency. Some of the things we did were reporting potholes etc. I believe that the volunteers took it seriously. It was at least a presence on the street. The cars were kept at the former College Place garage.