Open Thread Wednesday 7/2/14

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  • BHFood

    Happy to report that Bevecco on Henry got a new manager and the place has changed dramatically. It took them a loooong time to figure out why nobody was coming, but they finally figured it out! So nice to have another option in the hood. Seriously, if you didnt like the service the last time, try again. No, I am not a shill…

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    Hi All,

    Anyone know a place in the neighborhood to get formal wear alterations (I.E. a wedding dress) Looking for recommendations from neighbors. Thanks.

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I’ve seen the owner of Mandalay Cleaners on Montague Street in the process of altering wedding gowns several times.

  • DIBS

    I never had a problem with the service. It was just that there were only a few things on the menu that I considered good and that interested me. They too the burattina with prosciutto off no longer had the veal raviolis (usually a special) with the last iteration of chefs and those were two of the best dishes.

    Looks like the menu is still the same. The saltimbocca is good as are their bolognese.

  • fzclinton

    Hi all, I just moved to the neighborhood a week ago, and love it! I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations regarding what I could do to find paid tutoring clients. I’ve tutored roughly a dozen kids before (aged 11-22), was the valedictorian of my class at Columbia a few years ago, got an 800 on the quantitative sections of the SAT and GRE, and am very personable and responsible. I would be looking to tutor math, physics, computer science, and perhaps Spanish, and could obtain references from past families I’ve worked with. Any help would be greatly appreciated- thanks!

  • Suzanne Boule

    I am posting the following at the request of Dr. CJ Norton, DVM who was the neighborhood veterinarian for many years and subsequently kept up a house calls practice in the Heights.

    Subject: Dr. CJ Norton – Brooklyn Heights House Call DVM

    Date: June 30, 2014 at 1:28 AM

    In mid June suddenly and dramatically I was taken ill, and diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer.

    In the interim my schedule has been taken over by procedures, and I have not enjoyed enough health or strength to organize & send out copies of medical records.

    If you require medical records, and e-mail your request to I will triage, and do my very best to forward you / your new doctor your pet’s records.

    The dear,dear families in my practice are, and have always been extraordinary, and I feel compelled to protect my dearest little family.

    Therefore, I’ll take the liberty of suggesting 4 doctors in the neighborhood:

    Dr. Erin Dockery @ Cobble Hill Animal Clinic. Dr. Dockery is a thoughtful diagnostician & weighs the treatment options carefully. She has been practicing for several years, is a proven entity, and uncharacteristically places the animal’s well being first – not the bottom line.

    I have been most impressed with her handling of the cases I have referred.

    Dr. Mason also @ CHAC has seen some of my patients, who have been happy with her performance.

    Both of the above DVMs are associates not the owners of the practice.

    Dr. Thompson has reopened the Brooklyn Heights Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Thompson and her associate have received high praise from many in the neighborhood.

    Again, I will do my very best to forward medical records. Please do not call.

    CJ Norton

  • AEB

    So, so terribly sorry to hear! Dr. Norton has always been a marvelous vet–not only because of her expertise, but because of her kind attentiveness plus deep sympathy for, and intuitive understanding of my animals.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    Thank you.

  • NotMichaelShowalter

    Everyone should check out “They Came Together” now playing at Brooklyn Heights Cinema. One, you could help support your local cinema, but chances are pretty high that you’ll spot your house somewhere in the building. Also, it’ll make you nostalgic for the old Tazza. It was written by former Heights resident, dare we say “legend,” Michael Showalter. Saw it last night and it was hilarious!

  • Daddyo

    Bring back Su Su’s Yum Yum. Not.

  • Médor

    Indeed! She has seen me through crisis after crisis with my high maintenance dogs. I will sorely miss her!


  • Remsen Street Dweller

    If you recently received a letter like this in the mail from Gary Reilly, click here to see what it is really about …

  • Team BeeBop

    So saddened by this news. She is a wonderful doctor and Vet. She is the one who gave BeeBop his original shots and neutered him. Will miss her dearly.

  • teri weber

    Best of luck to her. I know she took great care of BeeBop.

  • David on Middagh


  • GHB

    So sorry to hear this sad news. Dr. Norton really cared about her patients, and helped my four-legged pals on numerous occasions.

  • Still Here

    Aren’t you in Bucks County, PA now? Must be hard to stay current.

  • marshasrimler

    This is very bad news. I have been a consumer of Dr. Norton’s for years.. First with Chloe and now Nicky. She has also taken care of my sisters and mothers. dogs. She is wonderful person . i wish her the best

  • Peter Loibl

    A wall collapsed under the Brooklyn Bridge tonight … Hearing 5 injuries. Hope our fellow BHBers are safe tonight!

  • Nick Minos

    Is it a sign I am getting older that tonight’s lightening storm is kind of freaking me out? Storms don’t bother me, but I am finding the lightening a little disturbing.

  • Lori

    I know we all hate when parking is restricted, but at least they gave us due and timely notice about parking being prohibited on Columbia Hts and other streets in the neighborhood. Since the notices were posted before the “Tuesday shuffle” it gave us time to park in non-restricted places.

  • AEB

    This AM I noted that my local garbage pail–receptacle–which lives on the SE corner of Hicks and Middagh, was gone. Ditto other nearby pails.

    Does anyone know what’s going on? Were they assumed into heaven? Or?

  • Frenchbull

    think this has to do with july 4 security?bombs could be put in trash receptacles? saw a truck collecting them today early

  • AEB

    Yup, I considered that too, Frenchbull. My thought was that without the pails, there would be less refuse to pick up than with.

    That is, pails would lead to overflowing garbage; no pails, no garbage on streets.

  • A Neighbor

    Check the BHA website, always the best source of this info. The city is removing trash receptacles and replacing them with plastic bags throughout the neighborhood. It also notes street closings and parking rules.

  • AEB
  • Frenchbull

    now police are setting up security cameras in neighborhood-feels like Times Square!

  • Solovely

    Dear everyone, Happy 4th of July!

    Let’s think about the best use of Brooklyn Bridge Park land this holiday. This beautiful spot has a higher calling than condos!

    We are continuing to learn and raise awareness .. and most importantly prepping for the August 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation, Board of Directors’ meeting. At this meeting, the community’s request for an updated neighborhood “environmental impact statement” will be discussed. In case anyone is interested in the board members and their backgrounds, we attempted a little info:

    ***Board of Directors: the 17 Decision Makers ***

    Alicia Glen, Chair – NYC Deputy Mayor For Housing and Economic Development, Mayor De Blasio appointee, formerly, Goldman Sachs’ Urban Investment Group

    Peter Aschkenasy – Brooklyn Heights resident, longtime community participant, FEDCAP Boardmember, Lindsay administration, former restaurateur

    Steven M. Cohen – Brooklyn resident, lawyer, Zuckerman Spaeder LLP, Former Chief of State for Cuomo

    Henry (“Hank”) B. Gutman – lawyer, Simpson Thacher, New York League of Conservation Voters board member

    Edna Wells Handy – NYC DCAS Commissioner, Mayor De Blasio appointee to this board

    Shari Hyman – President and Chief Operating Officer of the Battery Park City Authority

    Kyle Kimball – President, NYC Economic Development Corporation

    Stephen Levin – NYC Council Member, District 33, representing impacted Brooklyn neighborhoods

    Stephen Merkel – lawyer, Cantor Fitzgerald Executive Managing Director

    David G. Offensend – Brooklyn Heights resident, New York Public Library, COO, formerly Evercore Partners and Lehman Brothers

    John Raskin – Board Representative for Daniel L. Squadron, NYS Senate Senator, 26th District

    Mitchell Silver – NYC Parks Commissioner, Mayor De Blasio appointee

    Daniel (Danny) D. Simmons – Brooklyn resident, writer and artist, also serves with Brooklyn Academy of Music, among many other cultural organizations

    Nanette Smith – Former secretary to Bloomberg’s Chief of Staff, Patti Harris

    Anne Strahle – Chief of Staff for Joan Millman, Assemblywoman for Brooklyn, District 52

    Joanne Witty – former head of Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, former Environmental Defense Action Fund

    Regina Myer, President of Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation since 2007, formerly NYC City Planning, formerly New York City Department of City Planning (DCP)

  • Andrew Porter

    This is really heartbreaking news. Having gone through—and survived!—liver bile duct cancer at Sloan Kettering, I have great empathy for you. I was there during your final care for David on Middagh’s cat, and know you have been a fine and caring physician.

  • Andrew Porter

    I stayed a little too late at Wednesday Members’ Night at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and exited via stairways that had become waterfalls, pathways that were rivers. Got home throughly soaked, and deafened, at times, from the lightning and thunder.

    Really glad I turned off my computer before I left for the BBG, and that all my windows were closed!