Open Thread Wednesday 3/4/09

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

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  • HicksStRes

    We’re looking to do some work on our small 2br apt. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, reliable person to:
    – install molding
    – repoint an interior brick wall
    – general carpentry/basic remodeling


  • melanie hope greenberg

    Shameless plug for my interview with a local Mom And Pop store on my blog.

  • anon

    Our dry cleaner on Atlantic Ave closed and we now need anoter reasonably priced store. I know this is the Brooklyn Heights Blog, but any Cobble Hill recommendations with known prices for:
    men’s shirt
    men’s suit
    women’s pants
    women’s sweater
    women’s shirt
    Thanks in advance.

  • CJP

    Anon… just remember lowest price isn’t always the best deal. Heights Cleaners on Montague has always been reasonably priced with prompt, friendly service. And they honor their coupons from the Entertainment Book. I’ve never had a reason to avoid them.

  • AEB

    Anon, Plaza Cleaners at 64 Henry does great work. It’s a door (or two?) north of the movie theater. Organic dry cleaning, whatever that might be, but your dry-cleaned clothes smell of nothing other than clean(er).

    Prices are moderate-high, but again, ya gets what etc., etc. They also do same-day bulk laundry, wash-and-fold, the usual….

  • EAC

    I love Heights Cleaners – their outlet at Henry and State is great. I think they are very well priced and they do a great job.

  • J.E.S.

    Hi….I am looking to rent out a parking space in Brooklyn Heights from someone’s private residence. If you have an unused parking space (indoor or outdoors ok) in the close proximity of Hicks Street between Pierrepont and Clark street I would be willing to pay you cash on a monthly basis to rent out the spot.

    Also, If you have children, my wife is a certified teacher, and we both went to an Ivy-level University (a Canadian equivalent). The only reason I mention that is that we are local and would be willing to barter a parking space for tutoring for school children up to teenagers. Both of us have experience tutoring.

    We are a local, young (mid 20s) newly married couple living on Hicks St. I’m a “reverse commuter” and it’s just a typical 4 door car. I wouldn’t need anything like the size an SUV might take up.

    I thought maybe a post here on this blog in the “Open Post” thread would be worth a decent shot in the dark that maybe someone might have something.

  • Peter

    I can’t remember who posted this, but I wanted to thank that person for suggesting Hecho en Dumbo: it greatly exceeded my expectations. While I certainly wouldn’t call it the best place in our neighborhood, it was a refreshing change of pace, incorporating a fun vibe with above-average food and beverages. Thanks again …

  • J.E.S.

    Sorry…..I should’ve put my contact email.

    jason34seventeen at yahoo dot com

  • In the Heights

    So I am looking for a place for my parents to stay in the Heights. We know about Yolanda Johnson, Mr. Bankston and Jackie Montgomery. Does anyone know about any other B & B’s in the Heights/Cobble Hill area?

  • Neighborhood Observer

    Additional BH B&Bs: Diana and John Prizeman on Hicks Street near Clark – has the benefit of a separate outside entrance (unfortunately, you have to step around the garbage cans to get in), small kitchenette and subway convenience. Also on Willow Place (corner of State St.) are the Merz.

  • In the Heights

    Neighborhood Observer – Do you have a phone # or email for Diana Prizeman? Isn’t she the woman who used to run a preschool out of her home?

  • Neighborhood Observer

    Check the phone book; I think it is the same person.

  • mama

    anon at 10:58 am – I hope that wasn’t George at the corner of Clinton and Atlantic who closed. Nice guy.

  • R.S.

    Plaza Cleaners once returned our sweaters smelling like… poop? Not sure
    what it was, but even the people working there couldn’t stand the smell.

  • Luke C

    North Heights Mystery: why has no store ever opened in the space at Pineapple and Henry under the St. G?

    When I first heard about Tea Lounge coming, I assumed it would be that space with it’s well-trafficked location. Guess no one wants to sip to the view of smoking co-ed butts (so to speak).

  • Jazz

    Luke – owner greedy.

  • GHB

    That would have been a good space for the Brooklyn Flea

  • Luke C

    I’ve thought about calling myself and posing as a potential renter to find out what he’s asking…

  • Chris

    Ordered (another) great meal (delivery) from the Park Plaza Diner for dinner…big fan, great food, reasonable prices…and for the first time they included complementary cookies with the meal. No idea if this was a one-time thing, a way to curry favor in this economy, a new trend or a simple mistake, but in any event, it was a pleasant surprise that me and my wife enjoyed thoroughly. Kudos to Park Plaza.

  • exclark andwillow

    Did St Charles school ever reopen after the fire?

  • In the Heights

    I thought St. Charles school was closed by the dioces? I heard that it might be considered for use by DoE for a charter or middle school.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I think the St. George space was $120k annually. But the size of the space has been reduced due to the co-op reclaiming some of that space for other uses, so perhaps the rent has been adjusted accordingly.
    If you look at the last few attempts to occupy the space, you can see why they failed. The last, Palmira’s, while they gave it a good try, was simply too expensive. I remember being surprised at the bill total. The same thing happened the last time I went to Queen, but at least that was awesome.

    I, too, am a big fan of the Park Plaza. Enormous selection and quite kid friendly.

  • exclark andwillow

    it’s a good thing there weren’t any dogs around back then…I might have wipe out a couple of them!!!!!!!
    nabeguy – did i give you or your brother my bike when i moved? i don’t remember their names.

  • GHB

    Chris, good to hear about Park Plaza. I should go there for more than just breakfast (which is always good!) What dishes do you strongly recommend?

  • sue

    HickStRes, I strongly recommend Scott Reid for that kind of work, he has done repair/ renovation/ maintenance/installation in my both my homes in the Heights for over 15 years. He can be reached at 1-347-277-9637.

  • Publius

    I second Scott Reid. Very professional, prompt, great work, fair prices.

  • Andrew Porter

    No One of Consequence, I think Luke is talking about the below grade level space at the corner of Pineapple and Henry, which was never anything — originally it was where the oil tanks for the St. George were, rather than the space at the corner of Clark and Hicks, which indeed was a series of failed restaurants, and is above street level, with windows on the Hicks Street side.

    Speaking of Henry and Pineapple, has anyone noticed that the former Mexican restaurant space in 71 Pineapple is for rent as is, as are several apartments in 71 and 75? No effort is being made to clean up the facade of the former restaurant space, which still has pigeons roosting above it where the sign used to be. Then there’s the empty hole at 73 Pineapple where construction of a new building has been halted for several months. Anyone know what’s happening?

  • Gene

    Park Plaza’s food is decent and it has more typical diner hours than the other diner, Clarks, which is nice. But beware of the desserts! They look great from behind the glass but I think they can sit for a while. One time my hubby’s eclair was green and moldy on the inside – gross!

  • No One Of Consequence

    That St. George space was also $120k annually last I checked a few years ago, and before they cleaned it up a bit. So, I was right while being wrong. :)