Video: Karl Documents VW vs. Scooter Accident Mishap; Asks How Many People Can Fit into a SmartCar

Our man Karl Junkersfeld left the air conditioned comfort of his North Heights home this afternoon, under the auspices of just taking a leisurely stroll. But no matter how hard he tries to avoid newsworthy items — THEY KEEP PULLING HIM BACK IN.

Case in point – an accident between a VW and scooter on Henry Street and a whimsical look at how many people you can fit into a SmartCar.

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  • Eddyde

    The out of state plate says it all.

  • CHatter

    Actually, it doesn’t say anything at all. Seems clear the vee-dub was sideswiped while parked, causing it to then knock over the scooter parked in front of it. I feel bad for the owners of both.

  • Eddyde

    It clearly isn’t a NY plate, kind of looks like Ohio. But you do have a point it may have been sideswiped.