Open Thread Wednesday 5/28/14

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  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    Wondering if someone could help me out with a location. I am looking for a place to have a wedding reception dinner in the neighborhood (or close by) that will hold about 14-16 people. I would love a private back room or back patio that we can reserve for next May.

    I am having problems finding something for so few people seeing as most weddings have 100+ people. We are inviting just immediate families and 2 friends each to the wedding to keep cost down.

    We have a meeting at Frankies 457 in Cobble Hill Thursday, but would like other options. The only venue we looked at the heights was the Brooklyn Historical Society, but with how few people we are having, the cost is not worth it.

    Thank you very much

  • Nick Minos

    Why do the bikers ride in the park where it is designated as pedestrian only? Arrogance, ignorance, illiterate and cannot read dismount or the inability to understand the little graphic? One woman told me she knew she was in the pedestrian path. I enjoy walking in the park. I do not enjoy having to be on the constant lookout for bikers where there should not be bikers. I dread having to get a gym membership because of the rude minority, but my safety is a concern. And, yes they do ride too fast and too close to the walkers so safety is the issue.

  • Poplar


    The fabulous new children’s librarian Rachel is looking to start a Lego club in the fall and needs a LOT of Legos. If your house is overrun with Legos, please consider donating some to the club. Or perhaps buy a basic set or two. For more info contact Rachel at rtiemann (at)

  • MonroeOrange

    Prime Meats in Carroll Gardens, has a back area they block off. Sits about 20. Had a dinner there before and it was perfect.

  • Greg

    Do you mean the split thoroughfares where one side is supposed to be for bicyclists and the other for pedestrians, or zones where the entire pathway is pedestrian-only?

    The former is a free-for-all, with pedestrians generally overwhelming the bike area and completely destroying any semblance of designated routes. Bicyclists are literally forced into the pedestrian path because their path is blocked by pedestrians.

    The latter is unfortunate if you indeed experience that problem, and it’s a further shame when people acknowledge they are ignoring the rules but do so anyway.

    Regarding safety: have there been incidents in the park?

  • GHB

    Is Red Hook too far? There’s a really nice restaurant called The Good Fork on Van Brunt Street. They have a nice dining area out back, and would be perfect, weather permitting.

  • Alec

    I organized a bachelor party in the back room at Frankies 457 – it was BEAUTIFUL but you need a minimum of 20 people to reserve the space.

    In Red Hook is Brooklyn Crab, which is so big you wouldn’t even need a private area and has great views of the water and sunset and a laid back vibe on 3 floors.

    Also, Noodle Pudding is fantastic – no private room but they could easily accommodate 16 people and the best part is they have $15 bottles of wine. When I did a party there, I put the wine on a separate bill and paid for everyone’s wine – I looked like a big shot but it was cheaper than the food.

  • Nick Minos

    Early morning. The pedestrians are not in the bike lane. I don’t know if there has been a collision and I don’t want there to be. It doesn’t matter if there hasn’t been one. The close calls are stressful enough. Maybe I should carry a big stick.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    We talked to Frankies 457 and told them how many people we have (or don’t have) They have a minimum amount of money to spend (maybe that changed from when you were there?)

    Thank you for the confirmation about them though. We are excited to see the place.

    I’ll look into Brooklyn Crab, it’s a bit farther than what we would like, but open to ideas!

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    It’s a bit farther than we planned, but I will def. check it out. Thank you.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    Perfect. i’ll look into this place.


  • Alec

    maybe the 20 people minimum was what we needed to get to the $ spending minimum per person, I don’t remember now. Just learn from our mistake: with the prix fixe menu make sure you get one pasta and one meat – we got two pastas and felt silly after.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    Thanks so much for that. We were looking at the menus last night.

  • Jorale-man

    I see some kind of fancy business moved into the space once occupied by the infamous “health spa” next to Tazza. It’s hard to tell what it is exactly but it appears to be a big step from its former life.

  • NYcorgi

    Bacchus on Atlantic Ave. in Boerum Hill would be perfect! Beautiful outdoor space and they often have parties from just one large table in the back corner to the whole patio. Def check it out.

  • Yerp

    Do they realize how many nuts were busted in there?

  • e.p.c.

    Down to Plan C for LICH:–second-lich-bidder — SUNY turning to bid from Fortis Property Group after talks with Peebles Corporation broke down.

  • Mingo

    Try Gran Electrica in Dumbo. Friend had 40th bday there last summer for 20+.

  • ellymay

    Try Juliette’s on North 5 St. , Williamsburg. They have an indoor and outdoor garden room …. lovely french decor , delicious food and staff is great. Check them out on-line.
    Another option is Locanda on Graham Ave. in Greenpoint where there is a separate room for special events and italian food is tasty.

  • Ksw

    Is there a brooklyn heights Lebanese food festival this year?

  • Aurelie

    I’m pretty sure it’s this weekend !

  • ldny

    Try Brucie on Court & Warren. Fantastic food, perfect size for a small party and delightful private (and reservable) garden.

  • Owen Hughes

    Nick, I ride through the park every single day to and from work, and I can tell you that there are CONSTANTLY pedestrians and joggers in the bike lane, and since most of them have earphones in, they don’t hear my bell. So the only way to get past them safely is to cross over into the pedestrian lane. As for speed, no one is riding at unsafe speeds with those rim bending cobble stoned strips every 100 feet. The best and most fool proof way to avoid a collision with a bike is not to walk in the bike lane, Simple as that.

  • Owen Hughes

    Yes, Our Lady of Lebanon cathedral, corner of Henry and Remsen…this Saturday and Sunday.

  • Andrew Porter

    This week I saw a woman helpfully left her small dog over the metal curb-your-dog barriers around a tree on Hicks between Pineapple and Clark, so it could crap on the flowers. I yelled at her, but she said nothing. Sometimes people are amazingly, infuriatingly stupid!

  • library patron

    . How sad that there is no money for the equipment requested. Maybe we should ask for private donations to replace the AC in the library and to make the needed repairs.