Penthouse at One BPP Now Brooklyn’s Priciest

The penthouse at One Brooklyn Bridge Park, with an asking price of $32 million, is now Brooklyn’s priciest single family residential property. Gothamist comments, the penthouse has “a home theater, a climbing wall, a terrace, a wine room for 3,500 bottles, his and hers closets, [and] six bedrooms” as well as “a sick view of the Manhattan skyline.” Well, if the view is going to make you barf, who needs it?

Curbed , who broke the story, put the whole thing in perspective:

If the place sells for anywhere close to the asking price, it would smash the record for the borough’s most expensive home ever, currently held by 70 Willow Street, which sold for $12.5 million in 2012. This “Brooklyn is the new Manhattan” thing just reached a whole new level.

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  • David G.

    Meanwhile a 2br in BKH is going for anywhere between $900,000 (which is really a large 1br that was converted) to $1.2million. The market here and elsewhere in BK is insane.

  • Jorale-man

    “Sick,” indeed.

  • Andrew Porter

    Typoes happen; betcha they were going for “slick”.