Who Says There Are No Bargains in Brooklyn Heights?

A rare find at 250 Henry Street. Also see photo below (after the jump).

Of course, an econ professor who believes in efficient market theory would say, “Impossible. Someone would already have taken them.”

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  • Ann B Chapin


  • Klezmer O’Brien

    I have a toaster that was used by John Lennon when he was writing “Imagine.” There are still some English muffin crumbs in it.

    I also have white crock ware coffee mug that belonged to Bob Dylan at Woodstock. Here is proof:


    (It’s on the table at left.)

  • Carol

    I guess they didn’t get a pic of the poster tube reading”Free art: I’m not promising any original Warhols, but I’m not NOT promising original Warhols”

  • David on Middagh

    For your Dylan mug—contingent on Zimmerman-positive DNA—I’ll trade you what may well be Tiny Tim’s ex-roommate’s tennis racquet. It’s a beautifully lacquered wood of some sort with the small head that was typical of the era and ukelele marks on one edge of the frame. It comes with a certificate of authenticity of dubious provenance.

    I like the ukelele; I can’t have this allegedly-murderous object around me anymore.