Getting Mighty Crowded: Is Brooklyn Bridge Park Too Popular? [VIDEO]

Our Karl Junkersfeld files a new video report asking if Brooklyn Bridge Park is becoming too popular. Or as Yogi Berra might have said “nobody goes there anymore it’s too crowded.”

Watch and weigh in with your thoughts now!

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  • Rachel

    The HUGE difference is, that Central Park has more than 3 entrances… people do not have to funnel into the park down the same few streets. Joralemon Street, where I live, is absolutely impossible to walk on during the weekends. Not to mention the fact that there need to be more public garbage cans! (Only two at the corner of Clinton). I have started picking up trash around the garbage cans on the weekends. It’s really an unpleasant to walk outdoors into piles of trash being kicked by streams of people.

  • Rachel

    I agree with much of what you are writing, however, my issue is not with the crowds in the park so much as the lack of access points to the park. Like you suggested, I’m not going to the park on the weekends anymore, and i recognize that’s my own issue with crowds, but I can’t exit my home without tripping over people and garbage (which I’ve begun collecting – not just whining about). I wish there was a solution to the access points issue… tunnels?

  • Daddyo

    Call 311 for more cans, DOS should accommodate. Perhaps ask the city also to widen sidewalks for pedestrians — don’t need all those cobblestones anyway…