Missing in Brooklyn Heights: Lemi the Parakeet

Signs were posted all over Brooklyn Heights this weekend in search of Lemi, a yellow parakeet that has gone missing.

Her owners texted BHB Sunday (5/11) night:

Our yellow parakeet Lemi is still not home. Any leads, even bad news, would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at 917-971-4229.

No word on if Lemi is perhaps interested in checking out Brooklyn Parrot community. Hopefully, she’ll return just like Truman the world famous parrot did recently.

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  • csharp

    when was it last seen?

  • Eddyde

    Be Bop ate him

  • Michelle

    Where’s all the people to tell them they should just give up on finding her. Tell them it’s only a bird. Condemn them for even looking for their pet.

  • Jazz

    Even I find your comment repulsive. And that’s saying volumes.

  • Team BeeBop

    We hope the bird is ALIVE, ALIVE, ALIVE!!

  • Heights Observer

    I think you misunderstand. Michelle was being sarcastic because there can be some pretty nasty comments on this blog sometimes.

  • Andrew Porter

    Hanging out with the lost Pigeon—”answers to Dennis”—or those green parrots that are roosting on transformers everywhere.

  • SharkLzr

    Has lemi been found?