DUMBO’s ReBar Claims Bankruptcy, Leaves Staff Stranded

Gothamist reports that DUMBO’s ReBar has closed and is claiming bankruptcy:

Signs were put up at the restaurant sometime early this morning, and managers were sent a brief email from owner Jason Stevens early Friday morning, reading in full: “Rebar is bankrupt and closed. Please dispose of your keys and do not enter the premises. Please forward to any staff not included.”

The report adds that “several” staffers showed up for duty this morning only to find that their jobs have ended.

Photo via Gothamist

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  • Alec

    that place was WAAAY to big – rent must’ve been absurd.

  • BrooklynCoffeeLover

    That is sad, but this part just puts me over the edge, “She added that there is a surprise 40th wedding birthday scheduled for tonight, along with two weddings this weekend—not to mention weddings booked almost every weekend through next year.”

    So these people now have to plan an entire new wedding in a matter of days/weeks/months?

  • DIBS

    I think if I were any of those staff, I’d enter the premises and take whatever wasn’t fastened down

  • Brooklyn Betty

    I got married at reBar a year ago. I cannot imagine having to revise your wedding plans in the span of one or two days. It was a great wedding venue though – this is very sad.

  • AB

    They have $20,000 of mine. I’m supposed to be married there in October… how can this be happening?

  • vb

    AB, same with me… what steps do we take now?

  • malibutiff

    My sister has hers there in July. We need to figure out how to get the money back….not to mention another venue now!

  • AB

    I’ve read that they closed down once before– last year.. maybe things will change. i’ll give it a few days for the dust to settle, then there must be claims to file… and new venues to find..

  • malibutiff

    the last time they closed it was for health violations. now it’s bankrupcy

  • brooklyn70

    We have a June wedding there. Is there anyway to cancel payment? Or do you guys really think this will blow over and it will be back to business as usual? Somehow I’m doubtful. This is unbelievable. First time I’ve ever heard of it.

  • rf

    I’m in the same boat. My wedding is scheduled for next month.

  • AB

    Did anyone use AMEX to pay their bills? Any credit card? I just called AMEX and they said we will get our money back. “Credit card purchases are protected under section 75 under the consumer credit act” Good luck!!!

  • nora

    Contact the bankruptcy court and also the NY State Attorney General’s office.

  • nora

    You want to request to be added a creditor – the bankruptcy court will send you the paperwork to file a claim.

  • nora

    Contact the bankruptcy court. You want to request to be added a creditor – the bankruptcy court will send you the paperwork to file a claim.

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  • angela

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  • Andrew Porter

    Perhaps they should change the name to “FUBar”…

  • Brooklyn Winery

    We at Brooklyn Winery are SO sorry to hear about the closure of @rebarnyc. If you’re an event client and you need help re-booking a wedding or small party on short notice, we’re so happy to help you. Email events@bkwinery.com and we’ll respond immediately with availability and detailed information.

  • http://olive-loaf.blogspot.com Liz

    There’s an IndieGoGo campaign to help the couples who were effected by the closing: http://bit.ly/1izCcZF

  • David

    This is why you get Event Insurance. In fact, this is why everyone participating should purchase Event and Travel Insurance. While your CC can hold payment on the venue, I’m guessing a lot of the extras provided by companies outside reBar will not be.

  • Slick

    First world problems don’t need help like this

  • heather

    when we went yesterday to find out what is happening the staff was taking all of the liquor so that they can provide a open bar where ever they were hosting the parties they had this weekend.

  • heather

    Yup my fiance and I are one of those couples. We now need to plan our wedding in 3 weeks. We are scrambling to find a new venue for our June 7th wedding date. This is truly a nightmare, esp for us and those couples like us who just paid off their wedding.

  • heather

    As of right now there are no papers filed for bankruptcy by Jason Stevens for reBar. I have a feeling he was in some shady business.

  • Teresa

    This is a terrible thing and I feel awful for all the people who are now scrambling to re-schedule events (and all the people left unemployed and unpaid), but I’m not sure what’s more distasteful: the ambulance-chasing venues that are now posting here to take advantage of others’ misfortunes, or the expectation that the general public should chip in to pay for other people’s weddings.

  • nay-bur

    It’s great that other venues are stepping in and offering their services to help the people potentially out of luck in this situation… better to have options coming to you than having to search them out!

  • MonroeOrange

    way off base Teresa…those other venues are offering people options with days or weeks to go. That would be an appreciated offering if you were in their shoes.

  • 1 Knickerbocker

    Hello, so sorry to hear about this whole mess!
    1 Knickerbocker in Bushwick would like to offer discounted event bookings for anyone who had an event planned at ReBar – we will do our best to accommodate dates and budgets to help out those who need to re-book on short notice.
    Contact: info@1Knickerbocker.net
    (347) 987-3751

  • MonroeOrange

    thanks monday morning QB!