Open Thread Wednesday 5/7/14

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  • Justine Swartz

             I am singing praises to Enrico Palazio, owner of Key Food on Montague Street for the new convenience offered.  They now accept EMAIL orders for store items, delivery included, only a $10 charge.
     In a few hours I had bags and bags of gorgeous food, cases of drink,
     uploaded to my kitchen.  An incredibly easy way to shop and a great time saver.  

  • petercow

    Guerrilla art mural affixed to Promenade-side of 75 Columbia Heights this morning.

  • Chubby Burkhardt

    Hey! It’s Enrico Palazzo!!

  • Sam

    Where is more information on this? Their website is horrible.

  • nathan

    Is anyone aware of the mayor’s detailed plans to create a 100% low income housing project in pier 6 (one of the open plost)? Apparently brooklyn bridge park is also supporting this plan. Why are we building private buildings in a park in the first place? What’s next?

  • Chubby Burkhardt

    If true, not exactly the right spot for a low income housing project. Is low income housing largely public or private funded? I thought mostly public.

  • DIBS

    The park is privately funded. That said, whatever is built there should take advantage of the desirable locations and be market rate, thus paying some very high real estate taxes

  • brooklynheightsblog

    You may want to catch up on the news before you meltdown:

  • Davidsoul

    Pretty sure it’s not low income housing but I could be wrong. Also, this was a Bloomberg thing not a Deblasio thing I believe.

    One thing that’s not totally clear to me is how ruined the view of the bridge will be from the Promenade.

  • mucow

    Monday morning, a driver tried to intentionally run me over on Clark St., while I was waiting at the red light at Clark and Cadman so I could turn right. It was broad daylight, and I was in the middle of the right lane, behind the stop line, waiting for the light to go green. A maroon minivan going up Cadman made a sharp left from Cadman onto Clark — initially, it was clear they would cut the corner a bit, but they were clearly going to end up in the correct lane — I’m guessing there’d have been 10-15 feet of clearance between me and them.

    Shortly after beginning the turn, the driver swerved so he was coming directly at me, and then FLOORED it. I scrambled to the right, so he’d have room to pass me on my left; I was in the right lane, so I was moving closer to the parked cars, here. I had managed to get out of his way when he turned AGAIN, DIRECTLY AT ME, all while revving his engine. I jumped to the left, and he screeched past me, *on my right*, missing my bike by a few inches and nearly taking the mirrors off the parked cars. He screamed down Clark, on the wrong side of the street, and then blew the light at Henry and made a left, almost hitting someone in the crosswalk. I was so stunned by the whole thing I didn’t grab his plate #.

    The man was a psychopath; I was stopped at a red, behind the line, and he took aim at me with his car. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life, and I’m never riding on that block of Clark again until the yellow line is restriped (put in 311 request with the DOT, and sent them a letter about the issue). Did anyone else witness this? This would’ve been Monday morning, around 10:10 am. He was driving an older (guessing early 2000’s) dark red / maroon minivan. Didn’t see the make / model.

  • e

    I have two items: good news and bad news.
    The good news is the Heights Cafe. Had a marinated pork chop there that was actually very good! They must be brining or something because it was not dry, unlike my prior experiences there. The bacon marmalade sauce it was in was excellent, as was the accompanying turnip puree (though I don’t want to ask how much butter was in it). My wife liked her fish, too. Perhaps this new chef is the real deal.
    The bad news is that during kids’ soccer on Pier 5 on Saturday, the air reeked of gasoline fumes. Everyone was commenting on this. Anyone know why? Is it possible the endless helicopter traffic is actually affecting air quality to that extent?

  • David on Middagh

    Gas fumes on Pier 5? I’m guessing you were downwind from barbecues on the “Picnic Peninsula”, which you can occasionally smell from the Promenade. Just a guess, tho’.

  • Weegee

    Going back a ways, does anyone remember a doorman at either 115 or 135 Willow St. in the 1980s, whom, I think, was named Ben? Very nice guy, though I have only a vague memory of him. No one else I’ve talked to remembers him, though.

  • e

    Good point.

  • mlo

    When did Brooklyn become the borough of towers? Why is it acceptable to build a tower on Pier 6 and not on Pier 3? Because the horror will be less obvious to the general “genius”. Everyone has a genius opinion about how great it all is. I have a very different opinion. I am not afraid of progress but I am afraid that this greed is as large as the towers that will flank our waterfront and change the charm of our neighborhood. I have paid high taxes all my life and would gladly have seen a portion of those taxes allocated to a rehabbed and enjoyable waterfront. Instead I will look out my window and see darkness and the side of a tower. I will never again have sun light in my yard, my beautiful garden.
    I have tried so hard to like this park but they’ve killed it for me. There were far better options that could have included reason and compromise instead we’ve lost a hospital and this is just the beginning. In a matter of a few years our waterfront will be flanked by towers. It will suck. We could have compromised and built housing that was more in keeping with the surrounding communities and the borough as a whole. Instead we allow the greed. I” m just not a fan of what” s happening. My two cents

  • heights res

    I’ve come to believe that the advocates for this “park” (not!!) will not rest until the entire waterfront is completely blocked by high-rises. PUBLIC land should never be gifted to private developers for financial benefit. PUBLIC parks are for the public good and should be publicly financed; they should NEVER be connected to private development….

  • someone

    I am wondering if that was the same guy who screamed at the US Marshal Service to go &^%*^%$ himself the other morning at Cadman Plaza East after he wasnt allowed to pass into the blocked off street.

  • mlo