St. Ann’s Church Lays Off Two Staff, Including Music Director Gregory Eaton

According to the Eagle St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, located at Clinton and Montague streets, has been forced by budgetary considerations to lay off two staff members, a sexton, or custodian (another remains on staff), and 21 year veteran Music Director Gregory Eaton. Although Eaton’s concerts have been effective fund-raisers for the church, the Eagle story quotes St. Ann’s Senior Warden, Claudia Barber, as saying the difficult decision to lay off Eaton and the sexton was caused by the church’s inability to meet the demands of its operating budget, while the proceeds of the concerts were used for capital budget items like restoration of the stained glass windows, organ, and roof. However, the story also points out that the church’s budgetary constraints were in large part caused by its inability to complete a capital project: the restoration of the Parish House, part of which was to be leased in order to provide income to be used to meet the demands of the operating budget.

Assistant to the Rector The Rev. Sarah Kooperkamp is also leaving, but voluntarily for maternity. It’s reported that the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island has another position in mind for her once her maternity leave is over.

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  • Monty

    Just turn it into condos already. They’re just delaying the inevitable.