What’s Your Favorite Asian Restaurant In Brooklyn Heights?

Norman Mailer loved Fortune House and a few months before he shuffled off this mortal coil, Mrs. Fink spotted him at Tenda (now “Saketumi“). Anyone who has walked around Brooklyn Heights knows one thing for sure — there are many Asian restaurants to choose from – Chinese, sushi, Thai, “fusion” et al.

What’s your favorite? Comment away!

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  • Clarksy

    I enjoy Iron Chef for both dining in and taking out. Even though it’s a small little place, the decorations are charming. The salmon steak is a good dish, and I love their seaweed salad and agedashi tofu.

  • Valium

    Lantern. Best green curry anywhere!

  • DIBS

    Agedashi tofu is good. Sashimi is better than most Chinese-run sushi places and it’s very cheap. Tea is terrible.

    The chicken special that Fortune House had for Chinese New year was incredible. Best deal there for lunch..a quart of hot & sour soup for $3.30 and very good. Haven’t tried the dim sum yet.

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    I used to order from Fortune House until they had that unfortunate incident, where they were closed for a bit. I am hoping their dim sum is authentic, and am eager to give it a shot soon.

    I like Iron Chef House and Ozu isn’t bad – but strangely, I love the little spot “Sushi Gallery” with the old Korean sushi chef, their fish is fresh and he is quite skilled. Prices are super reasonable and they sprinkle their menu with some Korean favorites like kimchee, Bib Bim Bap and Bulgogi.

    Cafe Chili offers some great appetizers, including a very good lobster bisque. Their drunken noodles are very well done and flavorful. Lichee Nut can usually be counted on for fresh Chinese food, as well.

  • AEB

    Fortune House–how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

    I love that your food is of the sort that tastes good on the first bite or two and then tastes really, really horrible thereafter. There’s an art to producing this kind of grub, and FH has mastered it

    I love that when one orders the barbecued spareribs, one gets luck of the draw. Or rather, luck of what’s left in the pantry. Some days, you get decent-size pieces; others you get the very tiniest-of-the-rack ribs, always buried beneath larger specimens in the take-out dish.

    I love the utter cynical boredom of the woman who owns the place. She’s mastered the art of looking right through you. Ever since that little, uh, labor dust-up, which required her to close and then reopen the place under a new DBA, she’s been particularly, well, independent, you might say.

    I actually DO love Sharon, the compere/order taker, who is surely a candidate for the Doing the Most at One Time with Utter Precision While Not Giving a Sh*t About Any of It award. Friendly, too.

    I miss the tropical fish.

  • DIBS

    I’m sure they’re about as friendly to you as you probably are to them given your tone.

    Anybody who thinks this is really great Chinese food is mistaken and needs to get out more but it’s better Chinese food than what the Chinese throughout Brooklyn pass off as Japanese food and better than a lot of places within a mile or so radius.

    I bet they mixed the tropical fish into your last order.

  • DIBS

    As an anecdotal aside, Norman Mailer also lived not far from me up in Provincetown, MA and would walk by every morning on his daily walk. There’s very good sushi in town but no good Chinese food there.

  • CHatter

    I am very fond of Asya on Henry Street. It’s difficult to find decent Indian food in New York City (and impossible to find good), but they do a better job than most. Fresh ingredients, and they’l make it spicy if you ask.

  • AEB

    DiBS, my comments were meant to be amusing, even light hearted. Hard to convey tone in posts like this–but why the ad hominem lash-out? No one is attacking you or your taste.

  • Zach

    Ani sushi has some very creative and delicious rolls. My favorite! (and I’ve tried them all…)

  • 75Henry

    I agree that the Chinese Specials at Chinese New Year were great. The regular menu food is, I think, the best in Brooklyn Heights, and the new Dim Sum served on weekends is very good. The sauces, particularly the spicy ones, are tasty and I enjoy most of the regular and special menus items. Lunch is a great deal,and is also very reasonable for an in-restaurant dinner. They get my vote.

  • Hicks St Guy

    I’ve had some delightful food at Lantern, enjoy their cocktails, believe their lunch specials are good value. As good as Manhattan? No, but I don’t live in Manhattan. Torture House is convenient, not as good as before the closure, and I love Sharon & the Owner.

  • Sara Sarakanti

    LuAnne’s Wild Ginger All-Asian Vegan

  • Fritz

    Andy’s on Montague, very standard takeout. But I like the takeout containers for reuse. The lunch portions give us retirees plenty to take home. Competes very well with fortune house.

  • Cait

    Fortune House for Chinese (Dine-In or Delivery)> You cannot go wrong with the Cantonese Wanton Soup for 2 with Roast Pork or the Basil Special dish (with chicken and shrimp).
    Iron Chef is my go-to for sushi and the staff is so friendly.
    Lantern is good for Thai but it’s not the BEST I’ve ever had. They win because they are really the only Thai in the area and they are “good enough” but not the best.
    Sidenote: how do we get a frozen yogurt shop on Montague?! We’d benefit greatly from a 16 Handles type place, don’t you agree?

  • Princess

    Lots of good Asian fare around here, but the “Thai Lantern” on Montague has rarely let us down for good food, great service, and really low prices! No wonder it is nearly always packed. Side tip…they make some of the BEST cocktails in BHeights.
    Little tiny “Sushi Gallery” in the Clark Street subway station was a revolution when we finally tried it for a whole sit down dinner (and not just grabbing something to take home). The chef takes a lot of pride in his art and it shows! What a find. Don’t let the tiny space fool you.

  • Lydia M. Gordon

    Interesting to note that Fortune House was considered the worst Chinese restaurant ever by the NY Times food critic (who shall be nameless since he lives in the Heights). I took his word and haven’t eaten there. Most of the Asian restaurants around are OK but the best is no longer with us. Does anyone remember Saigon Palace on Remsen Street?

  • Eddyde

    Great Wall.

  • Monty

    Yes! Hibino and Cafe Chili are better than anything in BH. The sushi at Hibino is not the specialty, but it’s still very good. BH options are all about equal quality as far as I’m concerned.

  • Monty

    Food is delicious. Once found a whole roach cooked in my eggplant though.

  • Andrew Porter

    I liked Su-Su’s Yum Yum, especially because about every third or fourth order from the place would make me ill…

  • Lo

    Saketumi (nee Tenda) is my favorite sushi in Brooklyn Heights. Their fish is always fresh, and the owner, Jenny, is so sweet and accommodating. I would definitely recommend it!

  • marshasrimler

    none.. wins for me

  • Heightsman

    What was the “incident”?

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    The management was ripping off the staff. The closed for a solid two months, I think there may have been litigation involved.

  • Heightsman

    Yes, now I remember. Thanks.

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    I ordered from them yesterday, the food seemed back to par, hopefully they are on the right track. I’m going to check out their dim sum, that will be a good measuring stick.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    If you really take Chinese food seriously, there is nothing in the Heights that resembles good Chinese cooking IMHO. When the Chinese urge arrives I always take the 2-3 train at Clark Street to Barclays/Atlantic Avenue and switch to the N and get off at 8th Avenue Brooklyn. Any restaurant there is cheaper and much better tasting than anything here in the Heights. Must admit, I did like SuSu’s way back when. For Sushi and obansai, Hibino on Pacific and Henry fantastic.

  • Klezmer O’Brien

    Iron Chef.

  • PubliusBklyn

    The best Asian restaurant in BH is in Cobble Hill– Hibino. The Agedashi tofu is sublime.