Tenda on Montague Street’s Name Change Might Have You Thinking Of Richard Nixon

Tenda Asian Bistro on Montague Street has apparently changed its name (and ownership?). The new name, as this photo from Mrs. Fink informs us is.. wait for it… wait for it… SAKETUMI. It offers “Thai Malay Sushi’. Will this be a hit or a miss with the Brooklyn Heights dining crowd?

One very “insidery” Yelp review was posted in January – has it been that long since the name change? Considering most of us have been hibernating due to the Polar Vortex it’s totally possible, eh?

For those who remember your President Nixon, you’ll never forget this appearance on Laugh In:

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  • Cfras

    That name change happened a while ago. Same owners, probably trying to rid themselves of their B rating. But it didn’t work. They are still a filthy B as of 3/14/14:


  • DIBS

    Second rate Asian restaurants that are a mix of cuisines are definitley not the places to go. Hard enough to find a real sushi place in Brooklyn that isn’t all Chinese influenced with sauces and other crap all over the sashimi.

  • Eddyde
  • MonroeOrange

    bring back Taco Madre!

  • MonroeOrange

    do you like anything Brooklyn Heights has to offer? Iron Chef has very good sushi.

  • DIBS

    That’s where I go. Just need to tell them to keep the sauces off the sashimi. And, the tea absolutely sucks.

    Like a lot of other places. I’m not as cantankerous as you are.

  • MonroeOrange

    Im only cantankerous about Citibike…as someone who was born and raised here, i like almost everything that BH has to offer, hence why im still here!…Jack the Horse is very good, as is Almar in Dumbo…can’t say i had the spaghetti carbonara though, and i know how particular you are about your carbonara.

  • DIBS

    Beacuse when it’s done wrong, it’s just wrong. Ask a Japanese about putting sauces on sashimi… same thing….WRONG.

  • MonroeOrange

    I just did, they said its fine…happy dining

  • DIBS

    I’d check their nationality. No self respecting Japanese, especially a sushi chef, would ever drizzle heavy Chinese sauces over sushi or sashimi. You may have spent your whole life in BH but you haven’t spent as much time in Japan as I have.

  • MonroeOrange

    hold on, let me ask again…yep…they said its fine…happy dinning…oh wait, let me confirm…yep, confirmed..happy dinning…oh wait, one more time let me check…yep its fine…once again happy dinning.

  • DIBS

    Whatever. It’s not. But you would be more knowledgeable as long as you ask your one Japanese friend. Go pi$$ on a Citibike.

  • MonroeOrange

    ok..if you insist…

  • AEB

    OK, there’s no such thing as a prepared–cooked–Chinese sauce. Which is to say that all Chinese “sauces” are integral to the dishes they flavor.

    I’m not disputing DiBS point–in fact, I’m taking it a bit farther. If nabe sushi is anointed with sauces, other than soy sauce, that are called Chinese, the bastardization of the dish is that much more so. (Actually, soy sauce is served WITH sushi as a dip, so it shouldn’t be poured over it anyway.)

    Just another example of the tendency of “ethnic” restaurants in BH to serve food that’s (perversely) Americanized.

  • DIBS

    Yes. I certainly did not mean soy sauce, the traditional accompaniment to sushi/sashimi. These Chinese-run sushi places add all sorts of salsa-like toppings as well.

    Most of the sauces they add are more teriyaki sauce-like. Just awful.

    To their credit, Iron Chef does a pretty good agadashi tofu appetizer.

  • Monty

    Iron Chef is definitely Chinese. The only non-Chinese Asian restaurant is Sushi Gallery which is Korean and my personal favorite for casual sushi. Hibino in Cobble Hill is Japanese and excellent quality.

  • Still Here

    Hey, Monroe! ….I am Still Here!

  • ClaudeScales

    Having had a quick look at their menu, there are a couple things I’d like to try: Malaysian curry seafood hot pot and Malaysian fried rice. When I lived in the Village, I used to get Indonesian fried rice at Chumley’s, the great old dive bar and former speakeasy at Barrow and Bedford (they had an Indonesian chef). I’m guessing that Malaysian fried rice would be similar, and the presence of these dishes on the menu suggests there may be a Malaysian (perhaps a Chinese Malaysian, of which there are many) in the kitchen.

    Please, spare the comments about disappearing airplanes.

  • Heightsman

    The Chumley’s insight is actually the most interesting thing I read on this thread….who knew? Wish I could have tried it.

  • Eddyde

    I think Tenda had the same or similar Malaysian dishes on their menu. I tried it a couple of times, I was underwhelmed and felt it was just overpriced Chinese food.

  • DIBS

    Hibino is excellent but sushi is just an afterthought for them, which is fine, as long as you know that.