84th Precinct Police Blotter – 3/13/14

Like a Barbra Streisand retirement tour, or like the memorable words uttered by Alan Arkin to Carl Reiner in The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!:”Always I’m saying good-bye to you, and always I’m seeing you again,” so returns the BHB Blotter. The precincts have allowed us in again! Well, some of them. And not a moment too soon, as my colleague Homer just reported on a rash of daytime robberies in the Heights. That police report up first and others included herewith:

On Wednesday, March 5th at approximately 5:30 p.m., a perp walked up to a woman on Garden Place and asked her which way to Jay Street. After she walked away, he then ran up from behind and hit her, knocking her over and taking her iPhone.

At just about the same time on Bergen St. between Smith and Hoyt, a jogger was punched in the face and his iPhone was stolen.

Also on March 5th, a 27-year-old man thought it would be a good idea for his girlfriend to serve his child’s mother with court papers outside 180 Livingston St. The mother responded by punching the girlfriend in the face. She then punched her ex in the stomach and took his laptop. So all in all, it went well.

The next day, a Good Samaritan was beaten for his troubles at 4:40 am on a northbound N train. He tried to defend a woman being menaced on the train and was knocked into the subway pole and punched repeatedly. Luckily the perp was arrested.

On March 3rd, a 35-year-old woman was arrested outside of Macy’s after putting $1,013 worth of clothes in a laundry bag and walking out of the store.

On March 7th, a man returned to his home on Henry St between Poplar and Middagh and discovered it had been ransacked and his Kindle, iPad, and two pairs of what were described as “earrings (heirloom)” were stolen. There was no forced entry and aside from the victim, only the landlord and super had keys to the apartment.

No forced entry occurred on Nevins and Atlantic on March 5th, after a man returned to his jeep and saw that his MacBook Air and other items had been removed. The victim was not sure if he locked the vehicle.

Finally, a woman and friend were shown apartments at 166 Montague; after the woman decided to fork over $4,300 to secure an apartment, the “broker” disappeared.

Yours truly had a run-in with the law yesterday. While filming at the entrance of the Battery Tunnel, cops came from all directions and demanded to know what I was doing. After I told them that I was filming for a documentary on my cousin in the FDNY, they asked for my license and held onto it until I deleted the footage. I told them that we film at the tunnel with CBS once a year as part of the Tunnel to Towers Run but no one cared. There weren’t any signs about not filming, and I wasn’t on the tunnel property. But like the memorable words sung by Neil Diamond, “When they know they have you, then they really have you.” And that’s this week’s blotter.

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  • Lori

    SO glad to see the police blotter back. Thank you Heather and I hope the precincts maintain easy access for you.

  • Vince

    A CHER retirement tour would be more accurate…Barbra in no interview alluded to retiring…maybe cut back to enjoy life, but retirement? No!

  • Andrew Porter

    A “cousin in the FDNY”—a likely story. If you weren’t a Mere Woman, and had Putin and his minions with you, this might have turned out differently. Or maybe not.