Gettysburg: One Woman’s War at St. Francis College This Wednesday

Saturday was International Women’s Day and, as a fitting follow-up, St. Francis College will present Gettysburg: One Woman’s War, a one woman play starring Michéle LaRue (photo from her performance in Someone Must Wash the Dishes) as a woman resident of Gettysburg during and after the great Civil War battle. According to the Eagle:

The play is a dramatization of three short stories written by Elsie Singmaster in her classic book, Gettysburg: Stories of the Red Harvest and the Aftermath. The stories deal with the start of the battle, the Gettysburg Address and a look 50 years later as sightseers return to the battlefield.

The performance will begin at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 12, at the St. Francis College Founders Hall, 182 Remsen Street. It’s free and open to the public.

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  • Guest

    Honestly, what’s she got against Wednesday? Not as flashy as Saturday, granted, but it’s a perfectly good day.

  • ClaudeScales

    I changed the headline, though it’s hard for me to think of any way to phrase it concisely that isn’t vulnerable to some misinterpretation.

  • David on Middagh

    I’m sure that “Guest” was being facetious. Your new headline, however, is strong.

  • rachel

    The Director in 2011 and Dog Sees God in 2012 were fantastic shows! Every other show after that has been terrible. Whether it has been performed by the Troopers or a outside production. NOT INTERESTED.

  • Guest

    I was just trying to be funny, no offense intended

  • Claude Scales

    I wasn’t offended; the original version was awkwardly worded, and I chuckled when I read your comment. I’m glad you spurred me to change it.

  • ClaudeScales

    I wasn’t offended; in fact, I chuckled when I read your comment.


    The troopers are the st.francis college acting group. They were great from 2009-2012 but now they are all replaced with newbies who do not have the same stardom as the previous group. It has nothing to do with Ms.LaRue’s performance. I am just saying i dont know how it will really be since all the Trooper shows are bad now.