20 Henry Plugging Along Just Fine, Developers Say

Work may appear to have quieted down at the construction site at 20 Henry Street, raising some eyebrows — but that’s not to say nothing’s happening, a spokeswoman for the developer said on Wednesday.

We received a tip that the work at the building — a conversion of the legendary Peak Mints candy factory to luxury condos — has stopped, pending financing concerns.

Not quite, said a spokeswoman for the building’s sales and marketing agent, Halstead.

“Financing was completely secured before [the developers] even started construction of the building,” said spokeswoman Jill Feldman.

The building’s foundations were laid last month, and crews are completing internal structure work until a shipment of structure steel comes in mid-March, she added.

“[Once] we get the steel, that will start rising up and you’ll actually see some action,” Feldman said.

UPDATE 2/26/09:

Feldman just sent over this construction update of the project’s two buildings:

Middagh [Street] building:  The floor leveling is almost complete, framing has begun on the 2nd and 3rd floors, roof of building has been removed and center core has been moved from the western wall to the center of the structure.  The old/original core will be taken down any day now.

Poplar [Street] building:  The foundation/footings are complete, waiting for spec drawings to begin the steel work.  Steel should rise by middle/end of March.

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  • Publius

    The Times has a germane article about how badly condos in Manhattan and Brooklyn are beginning to tank and how desparate developers are chosing auctions to move unsold inventory:


  • Francis

    Think something maybe up as the link from the 20 Henry website links to a blank page on the Halstead.com website and StreetEasy also has all the units as being off the market….