Tale of the Tweets: Brooklyn Heights Association 2014 Meeting

Imagine a place where no one has heardClay Shirky‘s view of the bold new world of the internet, where actual adults hiss at other adults they disagree with and where you learn the difference between SPEED BUMPS and SPEED HUMPS. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the 2014 BHA Annual Meeting.

Were you there? Comment below!

And now, behold the Tale of (Mostly Our) Tweets:

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  • Andrew Porter

    Judy Stanton looked kind of hunched over… comes from walking everywhere looking down for black ice.

  • Andrew Porter

    Really sad to hear about Brian McGorry; I liked him. He used to hang out on his front steps with his overly friendly German Shepherd. Now, of course, with the construction literally next door, the era when this happened has ended. My condolences to his family.

    The award for 265 Hicks was excellent. Permit me to remind BHB readers that it was moi who submitted photos and write-up to Homer, who posted same.

  • Martin L Schneider

    I am very saddened to hear of Brian McGorry’s death. During his time on the Board of Governors he was one of the most active people. Brian was always ready to take on a task and get the job done. This was true on all levels. I recall fondly the time he and I, without any substantial rising of our fellow neighbors altho always with their on-the-spot admiration and gratitude, undertook to paint over graffiti-ridden mail boxes. We did it with the help of his kids’ red wagon which we loaded with rollers and paint and other necessaries.

    Brian was not only devoted to the idea of making the Heights as nice as possible, he was willing to do whatever practical, hands-on work was required. The neighborhood shall miss him.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Martin, I couldn’t agree more. Brian was a great guy who really loved the Heights. In nice weather you could count on him sitting on his stoop at 31 Cranberry Street. He was always willing to offer his assistance when it came to Brooklyn Heights. I even remember him sitting by the pool in Brooklyn Bridge Park working for the Brooklyn Bridge Park on a volunteer basis. This is sad news indeed. Cranberry street lost a real fine neighbor. Will miss him dearly.