Open Thread Wednesday 2/25/09

BHB Photo Club pic by Fkuffel via Flickr

BHB Photo Club pic by Fkuffel via Flickr

Whew! What a week!! What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • Just a Neighbor

    Happy Wednesday..I’m looking for a new hairdresser – one who can do a great cut, single process color and blowout without break-the-bank prices. Any suggestions? I’m happy to go local to the Heights or into Manhattan. Thanks!

  • EAC

    Jessica at Van Sickel on Middagh St.

  • Susan Raboy

    Mykel at Irene Dinov’s on Montague-he’s amazing!

  • mama

    Is there any place in the Heights where I can buy goldfish as a child’s first pet? Thanks!

  • AZL

    Does anyone know what is happening on top of the hardware store at the corner of Court and Schermerhorn? It looks like they are converting the top floors to apartments but it has been going on for a really long time.

  • John

    any P.S. 8 parents unhappy with the school this year ?
    just wondering?

  • cv

    1) re: hair — try Anna at BoyLuvGirl on Atlantic; highly recommended by many folks, and I’ve been quite pleased, myself.

    2) re: P.S. 8 — I continue to be very happy with the school.

  • GHB

    I haven’t seen a cruise ship docked at Red Hook in months. Do they not dock there during the winter? I got so used to seeing ships there all the time.

  • Charlie

    mama, there’s an aquarium/pet fish store on Court Street across from Carroll Park

    Brownstone Aquarium Pet Shop
    372 Court Street,
    Brooklyn, NY 11231
    (718) 243-1919

  • TS

    re: hair — my partner is a stylist in manhattan but also does cuts (and sometimes color) at our home or yours in the heights or nearby — email me at and I can connect you.

  • henry & state

    GHB cruise ships don’t generally dock in Red Hook during the winter. I believe the Queen Mary II and Freedom of Seas use those piers. I did see a cruise ship a couple of weeks ago leave from manhattan though.

  • Claude Scales

    GHB: There’s a schedule of cruise ship departures from Red Hook for 2009 here:

  • Heights

    Is this picture the old parking garage on Love Lane/College Place? Soon to be condos?

  • benita berman

    I grew up in Brooklyn Heights. My parents owned 95 Clark Street and my grandmother owned 97 Clark Street. I graduated from PS8, spent lots of time at the St. George pool and went to the movies at the St. George Playhouse on Pineapple St. My section of Clark St. and Pineapple were demolished for urban “renewal”. I am an artist and use images from my years in Brooklyn Heights in my work. I’m looking for any old photographs that show my section of Clark St. (between Henry and Fulton – now Cadman Plaza) on the north side where the large high rise now sits. Also, any photos of the interior of PS8, the St. George pool and observation room, or the St. George Playhouse.

  • John Wentling

    Benita: let me say “wow”, and many hereabouts would appreciate seeing any pictures you may have. I think there’s an upload section?

    I too grew up in The Heights and although very young when they tore down your home to build Cadman, I do remember them and the Playhouse. No pictures unfortunately, but so happy that you’ve found BHB!

  • nabeguy

    I happen to have some old slides that my father took of Fulton Street back in the early 60’s. Haven’t had the wherewithall to have them digitally converted (any suggestions on where to do that would be appreciated) but they’re a great time capsule from that era, with election posters for Wagner and ads for “Stop The World, I want to Get Off” as well as showing Fulton Street pre-Cadman Plaza. John,did you know that McGrath’s was originally on Fulton? As was the Park Plaza diner at the corner of Middagh and Fulton. At the time the photos were taken, the area was in serious decline, but the old architecture was still a sight to behold. My father took them in a last-ditch bid to forestall the Cadman development, as wll as show the area aroud the Cranberry St. building that housed the printing press where Walt Whitman first printed “Leaves of Grass”

  • John Wentling

    Nabeguy: slides can be converted to digital for about 1.00 – 1.50 each, check around some of the photo processing labs, or perhaps CVS on Henry? They might be pricier than local outfits though.

    We moved to the Heights in 58/59, and no, I didn’t know McGrath’s was on Fulton, seems like they had been at that location since the building was constructed, such a perfect fit. Isn’t that where Henry’s is now?

    I recall seeing some circus-themed movie at the Playhouse, a bit fuzzy since I was all of perhaps two at the time. What year did they actually begin construction of Cadman Plaza, `63? The one benefit was that I could easily fill a pillowcase with candy on Halloween. :)

    Love to see the pics from those slides!

  • GHB

    Thanks henry & state and Claude Scales. As I suspected…they take the winter off.

  • Just a Neighbor

    Thank you all!

  • benita berman

    If you have a scanner that can scan slides, you can scan them into your photo application, such as iphoto and then edit, print, or put them on a disk and take them to a photo processing store. Or you can do as John suggests. I, too, would love to see the pictures. Let me know if you get this done – you can upload them to a site no the web.

  • Publius

    The NYT reports that Marty Markowitz is supporting the Dock St. DUMBO project:

  • Patricia DeLucas

    I am looking for friends that I grew up with in the neighborhood of 30 Joralemon St. and Columbia Place. I am now 72 years old and feel nostalgic about the old neighborhood and the time spent there playing stickball, ring a levio and kick the can. My best friend in those days was a red head named Pat Williams and a guy named John Elorriaga. If they are still in the neighborhood I would love to hear from them.

  • BHer

    Does anyone know of any B & B’s in the Heights? I have heard they exist, but don’t have the info.

  • anon

    re PS 8, I think it’s a great school whose staff is under enormous pressure, from budget cuts to dealing with insane standardized tests. My friends with kids at other public schools say the teachers and administration are under similar pressures elsewhere.

    What are your specific concerns?

  • zb

    Heights Books has a huge dumpster out front right now and is throwing away a ton of books. You can pick through them on the street. Better get to them before the rain starts.

  • ABC

    Hi Bettina,

    Can’t help you with old pals, but thought you might be interested in this real estate listing:

    Care to come back to brooklyn for more stickball?

  • bornhere

    Benita- Do you recall what was on the northeast corner of Clark and Henry when the other corners were occupied by Fanny Farmer, Parker’s Drugs, and the St George Pharmacy?