BHB Poll: Should Armando’s Come Back to Montague Street?

As BHB learned exclusively yesterday,  Armando’s owner Peter Byros is thinking about bringing his restaurant back to Montague Street. Byros still owns 143 Montague and after alleged deadbeats Spicy Pickle shut down last week tongues began wagging and hoping for an Armando’s Redux. What do you think? Vote in our poll after the jump.

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  • yo


  • anon

    Armandos was so awesome and so old school. It was like a set on Life on Mars. It was also always very packed whenever I went. My gf and I thought it was kitchy.

  • CJP

    Curious about the sign itself. Whatever happened to it?

  • nate

    I loved the refrigerated salads, prepared fresh every week, that would arrive with shocking pink French dressing. It was so gross it was cool.

  • john

    Armando’s was the best restaurant on Montague Street. I can’t wait till they’re back!!!

  • Publius

    I loved their baked green pasta della casa.

  • Depy

    Armandos was the best restaurant.I had enjoyed there the best meal.Lol ARMANDO WE WANT YOU BACK


    Good luck we want you back

  • DB

    I always found the food bland and the atmosphere depressing. It seemed like a vestige of the stogy old Heigths. I felt like I was eating at the early bird special in Palm Beach most of the times I went there. I obviously prefer owner operated restaurants to chains, but I’d like to see something more contemporary go in there.

  • Eddy

    It would be nice with a new interior and provided the food was consistently good. I found it to be a little hit or miss the last few years….

  • Nancy

    Armando’s was like a diorama at the Museum of Natural History. It was frozen in time.
    Stodgy, tacky, geriatric. I can’t believe people actually want it back. I think the family should team up with a young chef with fresh ideas and re-open a smart new restaurant. There are loads of young people in the neighborhood. Cater to them.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I hear Dan Kaufman is looking for a new gig.

  • travy

    bring it back. the neighborhood drunks who’ve been banned from all the other bars need a place to swill…

  • Andrew

    Some restaurants manage to keep an old tradition going for what seems like forever. Take a look at this list of old school places in Manhattan Tony Bourdain visited in Monday’s episode of No Reservations:

    Was Armando’s as much of a museum piece as Le Veau d’Or or Heidelberg? Did they ever make anything as good as a Luger’s porterhouse or Katz’s pastrami? Some restaurants are frozen in time because they offer something extraordinary and don’t need to change. Others are frozen in time because with limited choices, striving for mediocrity is apparently a winning formula.

  • ABC

    It was never good.

    Hey, why not bring back the sign and the name but a new concept. I’d take a lobster shack-ish place with tile floors and paper plates.

  • bornhere

    ABC – I disagree, in that I do think Armando’s was okay; but I also love your idea about the lobster shack-ish thing (but without the paper plates). Sort of like the old Sloppy Louie’s at the (old) Seaport. And if they’d still have soft-shell crabs — and maybe even great fish fry — I think it would be great.

  • Homer Fink

    I wonder if Pete is interested in opening the first user generated restaurant? BHB Community pitches ideas and who knows what we end up with?

    I know — Chip Shop!

  • yo

    let’s get something like joya, or bar tabac, or any of the good restaurants on the other side of atlantic!!!

  • DB

    I’d rather go to the chip shop than Armando’s, Homer. At least it feels like a restaurant instead of a morgue.

    I agree with yo. Let’s get something aimed at people under the age of 70!

  • Homer Fink

    @db… that’s what I’m saying THE Chip Shop in that location with some bar aspects — brilliant. I think “Pub” would be the vernacular.

  • Publius

    I’d love to see something like Buttermilk Channel in Carroll Gardens. Just had my 3rd visit there last night and it’s become my new favorite restaurant in Bklyn.

    Wonder why we couldn’t have something similar on Montague Street?

  • Kris

    i agree with you publius. even something like vinegar hill or freeman’s. new and fresh, but not too trendy. and please, with a BAR!