Sanitation Pickup Update

This in from the Brooklyn Heights Association regarding garbage and recyclables pickups:

The following information comes from the DSNY District 2 Garage Superintendent and applies to Brooklyn Heights even if snow arrives as predicted for tomorrow:

1) The DSNY advises that they could reach Brooklyn Heights for pick-ups of regular garbage as soon as tonight, and collection of regular garbage will continue through Tuesday night.

2) On Wednesday, Feb. 19, recycling trucks will begin servicing the blocks accustomed to Wednesday recycling collection.

3) South Heights blocks with Monday recycling: today’s holiday means that the Monday recycling pick-up skips a week until next Monday, February 24. Until then, please keep recyclables OFF the sidewalks and, if possible, out of sight.

If you have questions, please call the BHA office at 718-858-9193.

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  • Heightsman

    Columbia Heights….picked up about 2 hours ago (Monday night).

  • AnnofOrange

    Orange Street picked up about 8 PM tonight (Tuesday). Hoping for normal recycle pickup tomorrow.