One Year Ago on BHB: Lobster, We Hardly Knew Ye

One year ago on BHB, we learned that the Armando’s lobster sign would “die” on March 16, 2008. Owner Peter Byros had informed reporters that the eatery would close for good and that his sign would be turned off for the last time at the close of business.

Spicy Pickle would move into that space and open on August 15, 2008. It vacated the space  last Friday and is rumored to be looking to set up shop on Long Island.  The space is once again for rent.   However,  Montague Street’s beloved lobster is gone forever.

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  • ABC

    dude, did you ever call the guy and ask if you could buy the sign?

    walk the walk people

  • Homer Fink

    I didn’t but that’s only because they told me it was going to live on a farm upstate with a loving family.

  • AEB

    Not only is the restaurant defunct, but its sign used/uses an almost-gone (at least, for large-scale displays) lighting technology: neon.

    Been to Times Square lately? It’s a sea of pre-programmed LED screens. No more neon.

    Y’all can catch many of the great neon signs that reside, now only in memory (if your memory is of a certain age) here:

    Just click on the “archive” option and have fun!

  • nate

    listen folks, kiss armando’s good-bye. it’s gone.
    Let’s hope that the storefront does not stay vacant for four years.
    Given its location it is bound to be a business geared to the daytime civic center foot traffic. Maybe an au bon pain, or a
    Paz sandwich shop or one of those downtown high foot traffic type of joints. What do you want? artesinal cheeses?