BHA: Brooklyn Heights Sidewalks Crooked and Dangerous

The Brooklyn Heights Association’s Winter 2009 Newsletter [PDF] offers updates on many neighborhood issues including LICH, the group’s annual meeting and vibrations coming from the BQE cantilever.  However this item, quoted below, is what struck us as the most interesting – the treacherous and uneven sidewalks of Brooklyn Heights:

BHB Winter 2009 Newsletter: The New York City Charter puts the responsibility for maintaining sidewalks on the adjacent property owner, so keep in mind that a bad fall on a neglected stretch of pavement can lead to bloody knees, broken bones and very costly lawsuits. We asked Andrew Rabb, the Parks Department’s Brooklyn Director of Forestry, how to deal with the pavement without damaging the tree. It’s surprising –and gratifying – how much his Department can help. “About three years ago”, reports Rabb, “we started the pilot program, Trees and Sidewalks (“T & S”), where Parks will fix sidewalks lifted by tree roots without causing damage to the tree.”

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  • HG718

    Can the owners of 92 (I think) Remsen Street be forced to fix the slates in front of their Brownstone? Putting a large potted plant on top of them IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SIDEWALK is idioditic and doesn’t solve the problem