Isn’t it Ironic: Folding Bed Biz Folds

Photo by Chuck Taylor

Photo by Chuck Taylor

Judging from this photo from Chuck Taylor, it looks like the Montague Street outlet of Jennifer Convertibles has gone the way of Spicy Pickle.

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  • No One Of Consequence

    Now let’s see some realtors move out.

  • DB

    Murphy’s law.

  • Cranberry

    good thing I bought a couch there this weekend

  • AEB

    Alas, a harbinger of similar demises…..

  • jiker

    good time to buy a couch! everything must go!

  • joe

    I can’t say I ever stepped in there. If I need a couch, I’ll go to bloomingdales. Its not like couch buying is an annual event.

    Wasn’t the opticians there where the AT Loft was? The upstairs was vacant for really long time before it got the present tenant. Ricky’s was that women’s spa. Lantern was that chinese resturant (can’t remember the name but it was kind of catchy I think something like mr miyagi and Tangs)

  • In the Heights

    Jennifer Convetibles used to be The Gap.

  • stew

    Bought a couch at Jennifer’s. It was aweful. Worst purchase I have ever made in my life.

  • Laurie

    @In the Heights – nope, the Gap used to be next door to Jennifer. We bought our first sofa at that Jennifer 12 years ago when we bought our co-op. It was an awful experience and we never went back there again (the sofa itself was fine though and it served us well for 7 years until we replaced it with something better).

  • Leefamsince WWII

    Hallmark nr Clinton has a sign on the doors “CLOSED” – another one gone