Open Thread Wednesday 1/22/14

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  • Arch Stanton

    You should call it into 911, yes 911. I reported a shock hazard on Montague St a few weeks ago; The 311 operator immediately switched me to 911, the fire department showed up in minutes and cut the power. It is a very serious condition, not only to dogs but humans as well, especially children.

  • Jenna

    Thanks! I’ll be sure not to walk Brando through there.

  • mobilemann

    Please learn what socialism means. I know your dream goal is to one day actually turn into the monopoly man, but thus far your just a raging, stupid asshole.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Since I find it difficult to negotiate from College Place to Love Lane (use a cane) I have approached the Mgr of CVS many times. The answer is that the owner of the building should do the shoveling! Does anyone know if this is true by law? It is dangerous and going to the street to walk is never any better.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Well stated!

  • Arch Stanton

    Ultimately, it is the building owners responsibility. However, in a commercial lease, snow removal and sidewalk cleaning are often stipulated as the tenants responsibility.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Thank you!

  • GHB

    It does, but too bad that their broken sidewalk is so dangerous to walk on!

  • sledder

    Sledders and Dog Fanciers who use the hill by Chapin Park, across from Squibb Park:
    Beware of a very aggressive man, about 40 in an orange parka and his wife and what appears to be a mixed German shepard dog.
    The hill and park have been used amicably for the 30 or so years I have been in the neighborhood by dog owners, and kids and sledders on the few days each winter there is enough snow to sled. When an excited dog chases the sledders and kids, the dog owners are usually very considerate and try to keep their dogs on the north side of the park, away from the hill and the sledders.
    However Mr. Orange Parka became indignant when asked to do so last Saturday night, Jan. 26, about 5:30 pm. He insisted the park was exclusively a dog run, the sledders, should leave, and it was outrageous to ask him to control his dog. When asked politely to keep his dog on the far side of the park, he and his wife moved to stand in the middle of the hill to block the sledders., while his dog barked, growled at and chased the children, he screamed insults at the complaining sledder, and his wife called the police. . As a result of his intimidating behavior, the sledders all left.
    Next time anyone encounters him, please explain to him the history of shared coexistence in the park and film him frothing at the mouth for You Tube.
    A disappointed neighbor

  • brixtony

    While we’re on this topic, perhaps it’s the same man -(I believe he’s Danish) and his employees are using the park to conduct business. Although the posted “rules” – unfortunately not enforceable, it seems – clearly state that no one should have more than three dogs there, he has brought as many as 12-15 per person!!! He became belligerent last week when a dog owner objected to stepping in what his charges had left behind, saying that nobody cares how many dogs he brings. Having said that, he tries to take care of the poop and the dogs listen to him, BUT I witnessed his female assistant leave approximately ten dogs alone in the park twice when she went to move her SUV. Next step is to dial 911.

    If this was a different person – and I’m in the park every afternoon for an hour and don’t recognize anyone else of this description – call the cops yourselves.

  • brixtony

    I should say that the Hillside regulars DO keep the dogs away from the sledders – not all of whom respect the boundaries, gate closings and garbage disposal either, sad to say.

  • David on Middagh


    “Never mind that—go and get the brandy.”