Who Says There’s No Parking in Brooklyn Heights?

A tipster sent us this photo of ample parking for strollers and scooters at Plymouth Church. But how do you feel the parking has been for automobiles in the Heights recently?

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  • TMS

    Horrible! I haven’t found a spot in months.

  • Quinn Raymond

    If you want a guaranteed parking spot try a garage. Otherwise there are EIGHT subway lines in our neighborhood. Nine if you count the G on Hoyt-Schermerhorn. And the buses. And Zipcar, Citibike, and Avis.

  • Heights Observer

    Recently? You mean it was better at one time in the past 30 years. Actually, alternate side parking was reduced about 10 or 15 years ago so I guess it is better now than it was.

    The best thing I did when I had a car was to use a parking garage. Even better than that was to get rid of the car. Try it, it’s easy!

  • Bella

    The number of film shoots have gone up tremendously. To top it off many times, the “location manager” fails to put up signs, but tows cars anyway. There should be a limit to location permits in this quaint neighborhood (which already deals with very limited parking).

  • TMS

    Not everyone in the neighborhood is a millionaire and some of us need cars for our jobs. I do park in a garage but it was nice to sometimes find a spot closer to my house.

  • Steven A. Levine

    I don’t have a car, but can I put a big box on wheels in a parking spot and store my private property on the street for free. Otherwise, I might have to pay to store it somewhere. I do promise to move it according to alternate side parking regulations.

  • Monty

    Wow. That’s actually a great question. Can I? What if I buy a van that doesn’t run, have it towed to sit in front of my building and just use it for storage? Or rent it out on airbnb? Checkmate, De Blasio!

  • Andrew Porter

    There are two motorcycles or scooters—can’t tell which, because both are stored under large covers—that have been stored literally for months on the sidewalk, at the side entrance to the St. George Health Club, on Pineapple Street, right next to 60 Pineapple.

  • Quinn Raymond

    I understand some people need cars for their jobs, but it’s a very small minority of the total population in this area.

  • Fritz

    Too many cars. Need more film shoots.

  • MonroeOrange

    As long as your van is registered and has insurance you can. And provided that you move it during alt side each week, you can do this…however, after towing it across the street every week and paying for insurance, i think renting a storage unit would be cheaper.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlsiLOnWCoI Arch Stanton

    “it’s a very small minority of the total population in this area” Please back it up with verifiable stats.

  • Quinn Raymond

    Certainly, Arch. Sorry I’m just getting back to this but I’ve been busy:

    According to the BHA 33% of households in Brooklyn Heights have at least one car. Each household has 1.9 people in it. So only around 17% of individuals are able to use a car at any moment. Of those, it’s safe to assume that the many are not using them for their jobs.

    So anywhere between 0 and 17%. I would call that a small minority.