Crime on Poplar Street Today

McBrooklyn’s scanner picked up the dispatch of police to Poplar Street this afternoon to search for a man, described as light skinned Hispanic and wearing a black hoodie, alleged to have commited one or more robberies on that street.

Update: from the two comments this post has drawn, it appears to me (it’s been a long time since I took crim. law) that these incidents on Poplar aren’t properly “robbery,” which I take to be the forcible taking of something from a person (usually, but not always, with a weapon or pretense of same), but rather “theft.”

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  • Phormyka

    I actually confronted this guy with the maintenance manager at 55 Poplar yesterday around 5pm. My husband and I were walking our dog in the back of the building and noticed this kid opening boxes and throwing the contents to the ground. I ran up and flagged the building worker down and we confronted him. I wanted to call the police but he just lectured the kid and let him take off. I live on Poplar an we have had several packages missing in the past few months…

  • Kenji Takabayashi

    I had a package stolen and live at 55 poplar. I’ve had numerous things taken and probably would have been a bit more brusque than my neighbor. That corner is too easy to dash and disappear in several directions (poplar and henry) hope he enjoys my girlfriends xmas gifts.