Capote’s 1957 Paris Review Interview

truman capote.jpgInfamous, the second Capote biopic which played here in 2006, is opening in the UK on January 19.  The Sunday Times of London took that opportunity to reprint a 1957 interview with the author which took place in his "newly renovated" apartment at 70 Willow Street. It's a wonderful read, excerpted here:

Times Online: In Flesh and Blood: Truman Capote lives in a big yellow house in Brooklyn Heights, which he has recently restored with the taste and elegance that are generally characteristic of his undertakings. As I entered, he was head and shoulders inside a crate containing a wooden lion. “There,” he cried as he tugged it out to a fine birth amid a welter of sawdust and shavings. “Did you ever see anything so splendid? Now come along into the parlour while I get someone to clear away this mess.” The parlour is Victorian in character and contains Capote’s most intimate collection of art objects and personal treasures, which, for all their orderly arrangement on polished tables and bamboo bookcases, somehow remind you of the contents of a very astute little boy’s pockets.

BHB Store: A House on the Heights by Truman Capote

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