New Capote Biopic Opens at BHC

Infamous (trailer), rated R, a biopic covering the same ground as last year's Capote opens today at the Brooklyn Heights Cinema I & II.

infamous3.jpgGinia Bellafone writes in the International Herald Tribune: What distinguishes "Infamous" from last year's "Capote," the film with which it is inevitably being compared, is its sustained frothiness of tone. That is a quality rooted in Capote's legendary social energy, concentrated as it was in the giddy company of Diana Vreeland, Babe Paley, Slim Keith and Marella Agnelli, a woman who apparently thought nothing of arriving at an intimate dinner wearing the sort of high-collared costume that would not be out of place at a Renaissance fair.

Brooklyn Heights Cinemas I & II
70 Henry Street

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  • bkny 1

    I saw this movie and I must say it is very different from last years Capote, and in my opinion far superior. It displays the charm and power of Capote’s character that made him friends with New York society ladies and small town lawmen alike… something that was sorely lacking from Seymour Hoffman’s over-heralded performance.