Holiday Open Thread 12/25/13

What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • Dathan

    My Christmas wish is to have all tourist helicopters banned from the downtown heliport! Maybe a new mayor will help.

  • lauren

    Merry Christmas! Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays and a great year to come!

  • Jazz

    And Merry Christmas to you too.

  • Guest

    Merry Christmas! Check your door locks – our lobby was broken into early this morning and packages left in the mail room were torn open and contents scattered

    Hopefully, these crooks will be caught!

  • Dathan


  • Jazz

    Happy Kwaanza?

  • David on Middagh


  • Claude Scales

    I doubt they’ll be hopeful if they’re caught.

  • DIBS

    Today is Boxing Day.

  • David on Middagh

    There is a lot of scaffolding going up around the entrances to PS8. It started Tuesday morning, and except for Christmas Day, work has been continuing in the early mornings (a bit too early…). Standard facade inspection? Window washing?

  • Phormyka

    From what I hear Its a big Project for the school, with Construction to be happening at night only. :(

  • suzanne goss

    “lost – my daughter’s iPod touch with a pink teddy bear case – lost on Friday night, december 27th at around 6:30pm somewhere along Montague street or henry street going towards Cadman Plaza . We went to the following stores in the neighborhood: AT&T, Key food, CVS and Peas and Pickles. If found please let me know at below email;

  • Knight

    What is the deal with Fascati’s? They were unusually open on a Monday (12/23) and have been closed since. There is no sign on the door saying when they will open again. That arrogance makes me pray for a competitor that will finally put them out of business!