Yassky Fights Trashy News Boxes

Our man in the NYC Council/NYC Comptroller candidate/Brooklyn Heights resident/our Facebook friend David Yassky announced today that he’s had it with unkempt news boxes across his district.   As newspapers continue to shuffle off this mortal coil they are leaving behind a trail of  empty, unmaintained or trash filled news boxes.

Yassky has set up a very 21st Century way of solving the problems that the death knell of a 19th century medium has created – he’s set up a website for community members to register complaints about errant news boxes.  Owners of the news boxes who are found not to be in compliance with NYC Law can be fined up to $4000.

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  • zb

    Whatever happened to the residential parking permit stickers? How about putting some garbage cans on the streets, they are dissappearing…and what about that so-called park you totally bailed on? Its nothing more than a development scheme.
    Who cares about news boxes?

  • TK Small

    Wasn’t Yassky also in favor of trashy newspaper boxes before he was against them?

  • nicky215

    while he is at it perhaps he can take his name of the trash cans..

  • cv

    When so many are unemployed, when so many can’t get decent health care or education, when public transit is in grave peril, when Brooklyn Heights is filled with streets that are death traps for pedestrians and bicyclists, when independent businesses in his district cannot get a break, when people are worried about shelter and their next meal, how depressing to think that news boxes are what he is getting so up in arms about. (Or — maybe he can help to create a local, contemporary WPA and hire unemployed folks to clean them up, paint them, and keep them in good shape, if he’s so worried. That would be an innovative and useful way to deal with their messy state.)

  • my2cents

    Yassky to trashsky: Drop deadsky!

  • http://www.vooshare.com Dirk

    I think that the State should think about the lives of homeless people and crime on the streets rather than on all the senseless things!

  • neighbor

    Wonder if the city council and mayor et al will give themselves another salary raise the way they do each year while they claim dire straits for everything else. They seem to find the money for that. Always do. Clue: these announcements are buried somewhere inside your local paper in tiny type.

  • Yassky Nyet!

    Another hum-dinger from our do-nothing city councilman. It’s a nice follow-up to his other earthshakers – bikes in lobbies, kid seats in taxis, getting his name on garbage cans… Nearly all of which – as minor as they are – he wasn’t even been able to pull off — except of course for the name on the garbage can thing. Yassky must go-ski!

  • nabeguy

    To his credit, he did get the light put up at the corner of Pierrepont and Hicks. Not exactly the scope of the WPA, but it’s something.

  • cv

    Can he set up a website for community complaints about people and businesses who don’t clean the ice off their sidewalks, which is way more dangerous,and therefore of greater concern to most of us, than messy newspaper boxes — and then fine those people and businesses? And, if he can’t do so, can he be accountable to us and tell us why not? (This is definitely not on the scope of the WPA either, but it would of great benefit. And, here’s a WPA thought — maybe he could hire the unemployed to clear the ice for those residents who are elderly/and or disabled and/or unable to afford to have the ice cleaned themselves.)

  • Green Grassky

    It’s called 311

  • yo

    311 doesn’t do a damn thing….i think community shame is the way to go

  • nabeguy

    cv, when I was a kid growing up in the Heights, one of the first things I did after a snowfall was grab a shovel and scout about for sidewalks to clear (at a cost, of course). What’s the matter with kids today?

  • cv

    Nabeguy, I truly remain baffled about the ice situation here in the Heights — on many levels … by the behavior of kids and grownups included.