Heather Thomson Is The New Vet On Hicks Street In Brooklyn Heights

When Dr. Richard Turoff’s Heights Veterinary Hospital closed in January, many wondered what would happen in that space at 59 Hicks Street.

This week, a sign was posted announcing the arrival of Dr. Heather Thompson. Pet parents can call 718-624-1200.

From her website:

Dr. Heather Thomson has over 13 years experience in private small animal practice. She has a special interest in surgery and dentistry. She has worked at a number of manhattan and brooklyn practices and has successfully treated thousands of patients.

Anyone pay a visit yet?

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  • David on Middagh

    I wonder if she could accommodate a 180-lb. dog that needed a dental? Because I weigh less than that, and she’s be the closest dentist to me by several blocks.

  • Mickey Rooney

    Does she handle bird patients?

  • Jane Hopper

    I stopped by with my minature schnauzer just after the new sign was posted. We received a very warm welcome! The staff are very friendly and accomodating. I see from the sign that the doctor’s name is spelled “Thomson” in case you are looking for her information online.

  • Kevin Murphy

    I’m writing this on Sunday evening, a few hours after Doctor Thomson called to give me the positive news on my dog’s biopsy results. This illustrates the kind of veterinarian she is. Doctor Thomson cares greatly not only for the health of the pet, but also for the owner’s piece of mind. She is smart, an excellent diagnostician and, most important, keeps working a problem until a solution is found and keeps you up to date as to the progress. Last week she successfully removed numerous growths from my dog, resulting in the happy conclusion mentioned above. Over the years she has also successfully treated my dog’s pancreatitis, a dangerous respiratory problem, arthritis and skin disorder due to allergies. She is upbeat and has only shown annoyance when I don’t do my part, but that is on me. I highly recommend her.

  • Teresa

    Happy to see this thread revived–walked past the office the other day and was going to ask on tomorrow’s open thread whether anyone had any experiences here. What did Dr. Thomson do before she opened this practice?