Looks Like Clark Street In Brooklyn Heights Is About To Get A Tavern

After halving the space of Tazza at 72 Clark Street, operators 151 Montague LLC are planning to open a tavern in the vacant part of the store. Plans were presented at last night’s CB2 meeting.

Update: CB2 tells us that the owners are seeking a full liquor license for this location. The CB2 health committee voted in favor (7 -2) to “recommend Community Board 2 write a letter of no objection to the New York State Liquor Authority.”

CB2 adds, “Applicant sought a 3:00 am closing on weekdays and 4:00 am on Friday and Saturday. The committee asked applicant to close at 2:00 am, Sunday-Thursday, and applicant consented.”

A former partner of Eamonn Doran’s on Montague Street is involved in the venture.

The committee’s recommendation will be reviewed by CB2’s Executive Committee for final determination on Thursday, December 19.

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  • Frank Underhill

    151 Montague is Cafe Buon Gusto? I saw this last night and was like “Please, not another Italian place.” Why can’t we have one decent Mexican restaurant in this neighborhood?

  • Heightsman

    The owner of Cafe Buon Gusto’s wife runs Tazza. They also run the new tapas place on Montague. Not holding out high hopes. Anyone remember Mike’s “Kosher” Steakhouse in the current space? Only in BH’s folks.

  • MonroeOrange

    We used to have good Mexican restaurants, but for some reason they never last. The best i recall was where Great Wall is located (but it could have been the place next to it). It was owned by the same people who used to own the California taqeuiria in park slope, but that is gone as well……also Taco Madre was good many years ago, but that is closed too.

    Hey at least its not another Sushi place, Clark St. has more sushi places that any other 200 feet radius in all of NYC (and yes im making that number up).

  • Mexican Food Enthusiast

    I’ve spent five years wishing for more Mexican restaurants…the time has come. Gallito’s Kitchen just opened on Montague. 718-855-4791
    140 Montague St Brooklyn, NY


    don’t bother ordering the quesadillas, because I will have ordered all of them for myself.

  • Ann B Chapin

    Old Mexico on Montague St was there for many years and family run. Subway is in that space now.

  • Ann B Chapin

    I remember when the Kosher Deli opened briefly. They were formerly on Livingston St for years called The Pastrami Spot or something like that and it was GOOD. It was the last existing real Jewish deli in the hood after Sam’s on Court St, near Atlantic, closed We need a good deli back! BTW the Clark St deli closed after the owner was convicted of attacking one of his female staff members as I recall–very sad.

  • Moni

    The Taperia looks so inviting, it would be a shame if the food is lousy. I eat mainly in Queen because the food is excellent and I’m not squashed cheek by jowl between two tables on either side of me. Most often I’m one of a party of two; that’s why I don’t eat at Henry’s End, which is too uncomfortable. I like Jack the Horse, which is relatively comfortable, but the menu is limited; otherwise I’d eat there more often. Maybe it’s a sign of my aging that I expect a pleasant ambiance. Young people seem to be perfectly content to spend top dollar at restaurants that could care less about it.