Open Thread Wednesday 2/18/09

BHB Photo Club pic by brianwferry

What’s on your mind…. Comment away!

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  • north heights res

    Is it just me, or is the new path on the Brooklyn Bridge from the Cadman Plaza entrance wildly confusing? What’s with those little barriers? When does the pedestrian part become the bike part? I can’t figure out what the thinking is behind it.

  • Beakeley

    Nice oops! for the LPC (reinforced by the metro desk at the NYT) claiming the address of the old BUG building is 180 Union Street. LPC posting here:; NYT here:

  • Peter

    Any news on when the new Wine Bar is opening?

  • AEB

    Peter, no news, but I pass by the site several times daily and haven’t seen a sign of life within…..

  • North Heights

    Interesting article about the original 1850s BUG building on Remsen (RIP):

  • Andrew

    Any scuttlebutt when FIOS will be available, now that Verizon’s been laying fiber?

  • bklyn20

    Dear Homer and friends,,

    Would it be possible to change the settings on this blog?

    Twice in the past few days I[ve attempted to post, and after brief interruptions, everything I’ve typed is gone! Maybe the browser needs to refresh less frquently, or else there could be some mechanism to save a post before sending it in???

    Soetimes I am at work, or busy having a life, and cannot drop everything to finish my post. An possibilities or suggestions?

  • bklyn20

    And sometimes I cannot drop everything to double-check my spelling, either.

  • E G

    There was a mini review here on Dallas Jones BBQ awhile back. Overall it did not sound promising and people tended to favor Jake’s. However, I must say that it is quite good in delivery service and the quality of their offerings, particularly the burgers that taste like backyard grilled burgers (my favorite kind of burger.)

    The clincher was when I picked up from them. I found the woman manager to be so odd but utterly charming. I might consider dining there next (unfinished interior though it continues to be.)

  • hickster

    a woman owns it…

  • paul

    anyone a member of the brooklyn heights CSA? we just joined, hope it’s good!

  • yo

    where are the other 96 balloons?

  • CB6 vs CB2

    Interesting article today in the Brooklyn Paper online edition:

    Apparently CB6 had the good sense to ask Toll Brothers development company to put their promises for “affordable housing” in legally binding writing before they would vote to give the developer a requested zoning change. The upshot? The developer refused to put the promise in writing. Says a lot.

    I wish CB2 had the same good sense before they gave Two Trees Managment its requested zoning change for the Dock Street DUMBO project.