Mommy Blogger Likes Clark’s Restaurant In Brooklyn Heights

Mommy blogger Christine Knight writes about Clark’s Restaurant [80 Clark Street] this week on Brunch with my Baby. It’s a great site for parents looking for places to take their kids to eat in the city with a focus on Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Brunch with my Baby: The service is a little chaotic if you need attention, which we often do with two squirmy toddlers. When we need things like extra cutlery or napkins, it’s much faster and easier to get up and grab it yourself instead of flagging down busy staff and then hoping they remember to bring it back.
When the kids were about a year old, we liked going to Clark’s because it was a great place to take kids when we wanted to eat out but when a fancier restaurant wouldn’t have been ideal. It’s a great place to take your (high-spirited?) child to breakfast or lunch because even if they’re being the crankiest crank, and it doesn’t matter, because at Clark’s, no one cares.

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  • Claude Scales

    Although I’ve lived in the Heights for thirty years, I’ve yet to eat there. It’s not that I’ve heard anything bad about it; I just haven’t found any particular reason to try it. Except now my wife has heard they do excellent corned beef hash and eggs, so we keep saying we’ll have to go there for breakfast some time.

  • lois

    Don’t try it on a Saturday or Sunday for brunch – the lines are out the door.

  • DIBS

    The best thing about this place is that the owner’s wife will come over to a table and instruct any parents with misbehaving children that they need to tend to them!!!!

    Milk shakes are great.

  • Alec

    its no match for Cadman Plaza Dinner

  • HeatherQuinlan

    My favorite place in the Heights.

  • north heights res

    Was there on Saturday, and I can’t love it more. Great food, run by wonderful people. Went late morning Saturday and sat right down. Recent menu addition: poached eggs and hollandaise over potato pancakes–to die for. Great for lunch and supper, too.

  • Hicks St Guy

    Victor & his family are great, place is well-run and what’s great is they keep the kiddies near the door and away from the window seats, thank you very much.

  • Carlotta

    And don’t get an omelet – they’re flat!