75 Clinton Crumbling?

It appears that the townhouse at 194 Columbia Heights wasn’t the only neighborhood building to sustain damage in Thursday’s windstorm. According to The Brooklyn Paper, 75 Clinton Street, the office building that fronts on the east side of Clinton between Montague and Remsen, also suffered a mishap:

Brooklyn Paper: The mini-hurricane that blew through Brooklyn on Thursday morning sent a chunk of a Clinton Street building crashing to the pavement in Brooklyn Heights — though, miraculously, no one was injured.

An eight-foot-by-eight-foot stucco slab felt to the corner of Clinton and Remsen Streets, in front of the Bolton’s clothing store, which remained closed on Friday, surrounded by yellow police tape.

Protective scaffolding must be installed pursuant to a Department of Buildings order, and the building’s facade is to be inspected.

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  • Andrew Porter

    This building was built in two sections, with the several top floors added in the 1970s, I believe. The stucco surface was added at that time to unify the facade. From the appearance of the torn-away section, it wasn’t the greatest construction job ever. I blieve much of the building is now empty, though the Rite-Aid occupies most of the first floor.

    There is now a sidewalk shed protecting passers-by from falling debris.

  • jcm

    The building had a previous disaster when the drug store (not sure if it was Rite-Aid) had a terrible fire – in the 80’s ?before the additional floors were added. Around the same time an entrepreneur planned to open a gym/sports facility using the Remsen/Clinton corner and the cellar below. When they began construction, they found evidence of old bank vaults that were very substantially constructed and uneconomical to remove for the squash court. Eventually Innovative Audio took the space. Since the Bankrupty Court (the building’s cash cow for a number of years) has moved to new quarters, the landlord seems to be having trouble renting the space and perhaps doing maintenance, as well.