Autumn in Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Heights

Autumn is officially with us for almost another month, but it feels like, to quote a Joni Mitchell song, “winter’s closing in.” I’ve collected here some photos I’ve taken on walks over the past month, mostly in Brooklyn Bridge Park and along the Promenade, showing foliage nearing or at its peak fall dress. Above is a view of gardens on Pier 6.

Looking up at the Promenade from near the Picnic Peninsula in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The buildigs are, from left to right: Two Pierrepont Street, 57 Montague Street (your correspondent’s home), and Two Montague Terrace.

Turning leaves along the path between Piers 2 and 1, with lower Manhattan in the background.

A Rosa rugosa blossom clings to life alongside the Granite Prospect on Pier 1.

A starling in fall plumage pecks at a sumac drupe.

Looking toward the Brooklyn Bridge from Pier 1.

Looking toward lower Manhattan from Pier 1.

Brilliant foliage on the landward side of Pier 1.

The southern end of Pier 1, with salt marsh and exposed pilings, as seen from the pedestrian bridge to Squibb Park.

Another view of the pilings, taken a week later from the bouncy bridge.

Flowers in the Promenade gardens.

A view from near the Montague Street entrance to the Promenade.

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  • AnnofOrange

    Wonderful photography! You have a great eye for composition. Thanks for sharing.

  • Claude Scales

    Why do I get the message “1 comment” and when I look below I see “No one has commented yet”?

  • ellymay878

    Thanking for sharing such beautiful photos; you have a great eye.I love the burst of colors!!

  • David on Middagh

    In the Brooklyn Bridge shot, I like how the bricky bridge and blocky buildings are inanimate grids against which the leaves flutter. Pretty much everything in the shot is either/or. You don’t even need the color (forgive me for experimenting, and for the unprofessional outcome, but it’s a neat pic):

  • spm57

    Lovely photos! Thank you!