Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group Opens Heights Office

The Vinegar Hill Veterinary Group is branching out to Brooklyn Heights with their new clinic on 10 Columbia Place. Opening today, the clinic will be available for scheduled and walk-in appointments Monday-Saturday, and “promises to deliver the same high quality of care that Vinegar Hill Vet Group clients have already come to recognize and appreciate.” The Yelp reviews concur.

Photo courtesy Dumbo NYC.

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  • liam

    another highly expensive vet !
    they must think that all they have to do is move into the heights and they can retire wealthy in a few years.

  • neighboronhicks

    i’ve experienced good service from vinegar hill and am happy to see their practice expanding.

  • Still Here

    They were about the same price a my prior vets and offered better service. No complaints and very convenient.

  • Nick

    I absolutely love Vinegar Hill. It’s the only place we bring our cats. Dr. Neuman is amazing.

  • Doublebara

    Dr. Neuman was my dogs vet during the last days of my pets life. Dr. Neuman could not have been more empathetic or respectful.

  • Arch Stanton

    The rates at Vinegar Hill are very fair, not “highly expensive” at all.
    A few months ago, I had to take my dog to a vet upstate NY for an emergency, they robed me for almost $700. A week later my dogs condition had not improved, so I took him to VH. Dr. Neuman correctly diagnosed the problem and cured it effectively, the charge was only around $200. Healthy dog, priceless. your opinion, worthless.

  • M on Willow

    Excellent care, same going rates as other local vets … I’ve seen them go above and beyond to help out neighborhood animals as well.

  • heyyou

    Vinegar Hill is great. They went over and beyond the call of duty to identify and successfully treat our dog’s ailment after many of the area’s vets took our money to fail to do so. Props to Dr. Pizzillo.

  • lauren

    That’s great there is another vet office nearby! I just rescued and adopted a kitten a month ago. What are some of the best (and most affordable) options for veterinary care in the area? I’m a bit undecided about the place I took her to for the first visit.

  • BHMommy

    Dr. Neuman is the BEST! We are so happy to have a much shorter walk over to her now.