Halloween On Garden Place In Brooklyn Heights [Video]

Snarl Junkersghoul checks out the Halloween scene on Garden Place in Brooklyn Heights and files this video.

Publisher’s note: To the guy with the “half monster face” thanks for scaring the crap out of all the toddlers tonight. No, really. Thanks.

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  • petersteinberg

    Thanks for the shout to my new son Henry!

    (Though I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that we live on Grace Court *Alley*, not Grace Court.)

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Appreciate the correction, Peter, though I assure you that your location is known to all given your wonderful Halloween pumpkin display on Grace Court Alley. Judging from the multitudes exiting the alley tonight, it appeared that your pumpkins were the warmup act for Garden Place. Congrats on your newborn.

  • myboq01

    Nice article . I have found 2 videos where it is described that how to make green fire in hallow day. Watch them


  • Mandboy

    Great vid as always Karl!!

  • Lou

    Has the trick or treating time moved earlier than it used to be? We went later 7-8 and it was dead. It used to be going hard on Garden Place much later.

  • Remsen

    Congrats Peter!