Open Thread Wednesday 10/30/13

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  • Karl Junkersfeld

    I noticed this description of the new hotel (Hotel 1) under construction in Pier 1 adjacent to PierHouse:

    “world-class spa,” 20,000-square-foot event space, screening room, rooftop swimming pool and bar, a farm-to-table restaurant, artisanal cafe, and a juice bar “by local-award winning chef.”

  • gatornyc

    This is incorrect. There is a pad and fill between the concrete base and the turf. I watched it be installed and probably still have some photos somewhere.

  • A Neighbor

    Of course, there is padding. Nobody but nobody would play soccer on concrete without it. State-of-the-art padding is a different matter. Artificial turf has come a long way in the last ten years. It is expensive, but the best ones now simulate a dirt surface. Like it or not, players are getting hurt. Not sure why that doesn’t resonate more.

  • gatornyc

    It doesn’t resonate more because players get hurt on every and any surface and there is nothing to suggest that the quality (or purported lack thereof) of the turf has been a factor in the frequency of injuries. The turf was laid down a year ago and it uses a state-of-the-art pad. It also uses fill that simulates a dirt surface. I watched as both were applied. I researched the manufacturers. It’s the same company that put down the field at Boston College and other stadiums. What do you actually know about the field other than someone got hurt playing sports on it?

  • Joe A

    Pier 5’s synthetic turf fields are supported by shock pad and an organic infill made of sand and coconut fibers. In addition to padding the playing area, this infill will help decrease surface temperature, creating a cooler experience for teams and spectators.

  • A Neighbor

    I am repeating what young players in their 20’s — who play a fair amount of soccer on different fields and have no stake in the matter — have told me. You might want to speak with some of the people who play there before before denying there is a problem.

  • gatornyc

    Oh young players in their 20s! Experts then. I’ve spoken to plenty of people who play on the fields (including my wife who has played in soccer leagues for years) and they are almost unanimous in their praise of the field. Is it perfect? No, but what synthetic field is. But I can guarantee that it stands up 100 times better than any grass field that could have been put down (the maintenance costs alone are cost prohibitive). All parks should be so fortunate to have a field of this quality.

  • Andrew Porter

    Today I saw Bill DiBlasio, back to window, eating with or being interviewed by someone at the luncheonette, corner of Clark and Henry. Later in the day, I saw him on the Promenade at Pierrepont, still in short-sleeves, being shadowed by five plainclothes police. Gave him a thumbs-up as he walked past. Looked like he was just enjoying the beautiful near-summer weather.

    Sunset today was gorgeous, but I don’t think DiB could take the credit.

  • lois

    I called the community affairs officer at the 84th precinct – had a nice conversation with him, but it was a traffic officer involved and they do not come under the jurisdiction of NYPD. Technically, you are not allowed to park until 10 AM but we all know the spots would not be available at that time. Next step would be to contact the traffic department, but we know what that would be like! Hopefully, it will not occur every week.

  • petersteinberg

    Alanna, thanks for the compliment!

    Indeed the jack-o-lanterns were out — 43 of them to be exact — despite my wife having our second son on October 23. I hope you swung by on Thursday afternoon and got to enjoy them.

    (Oh, and we’ve had them out every year since 2008.)